Sweet! Instagram tips for your Accountancy firm

Sweet! Instagram tips for your Accountancy firm

Sweet! Instagram tips for Accountancy firmsIt is no secret that Instagram is an incredibly useful social media platform to present your accountancy firm. This is particularly true if you own a restaurant, a clothing store or perhaps you are a make-up artist.

But what about if your business is much less visual than that?

You may think that Instagram is out as a method of promotion for your firm, but if you know the right approach to take then it can still be a great tool to use.

In order to make Instagram work for your accountancy firm, you are going to need to know more how to make use of it to your advantage and that is where I come in.

Let me share with you some of the very best Instagram tips for accountancy firms and make sure that social media is working for you.

Show your human side

In order to engage and appeal to your audience on Instagram, you need to make sure that you showcase your personality. If you are celebrating an important moment in the life of your firm, or there is something that you are proud of, talk about it. If you are hosting a charity event, taking part in a seminar, these are both things that you can post and share on your social media.

Share behind the scenes moments of your accountancy firm

There might not be any crazy secrets behind your accountancy firm, but that doesn’t mean that people are still not going to enjoy getting a glimpse behind the scenes. Behind the scenes moments really appeal to people as they feel that they are getting a look into a place that not everyone gets to see and this is going to make them feel extra special and valued as a customer.

Don’t be afraid of hashtags

One of the biggest parts of Instagram to get to grips with is hashtags. You can place as many as 30 in every single post that you share and these simple tags allow you to categorise your content. Not only this, but when someone searches for a certain phrase on Instagram, the hashtags that you have used will form the results of this search.

Get to grips with stories for your accountancy firm

Another addition to Instagram is stories. Stories are snapshots that only last for 24 hours before they disappear. They could be a photo or a video and the idea of them is that they give you a different way to post and share, rather than the usual standard, static posts that you can make on Instagram. These often have a high view rate and can be a useful way to share upcoming news that relates to your business.

You might not think that Instagram is right for your accountancy firm, but we can promise you, no matter the industry that you work in, Insta can always work for you.

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