My wealth of experience

As a legal marketer, I have always had an interest in working with smaller law firms and solicitors practices that don’t have a marketing team. My background, working for Speechly Bircham and Clifford Chance, both hugely successful London law firms, has given me some great insights into working with bigger firms and I want to apply what I have learned to these types of practices. And I have a Law and business degree that comes in handy from time to time too!

Working with specialist law firms

Most of the firms I meet are growing and tend to be boutique, specialising in one area of law (although I do like a good full-service law firm from time to time) and are based in Kent or London. They have a Partner or Associate looking after the marketing but when things get busy billable hours take over and the marketing gets left to the wayside. Sometimes you need that person on your team to be consistent and persistent because marketing is a bit like tending to a garden.

Varied law firm and solicitor firm marketing to suit your needs

The type of work that I have been doing is very different, some firms bring me on to be their marketing manager and get involved in every day running of their marketing. I’ve also been involved in project managing brand refreshes which have been great fun – there is always that moment when the agency asks what the client wants and the client asks the agency what do I need and then I come in and tell them exactly what needs doing!

I’ve worked with a Chambers on their social media strategy and marketing plan and am really keen to start working with firms that would like to start running thought leadership campaigns as they were my specialty in the corporate world.

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