Helen’s insights have guided many critical decisions for our firm

Helen has been an invaluable asset to our firm, transforming our marketing efforts with her expertise and dedication. She crafted a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that realigned our strategy with our business goals, ensuring effectiveness and adaptability. Additionally, her development of our five key sector and service business development plans will help to significantly enhance our brand awareness and lead generation activities as well as increasing our visibility in the industry.

Helen’s insights have guided many critical decisions for our firm. One of her most significant contributions was assisting in the recruitment of a marketing manager, a role that will greatly strengthen our future marketing capabilities. Helen’s strategic thinking and support have been pivotal in advancing our firm’s marketing efforts.

Matt Pugh, Managing Partner, Hagen Wolf


Served as a trusted sounding board, offering invaluable advice and perspective

From the moment I stepped into my new position, Helen’s meticulous preparation and comprehensive discovery documents proved invaluable to my onboarding experience.

Helen’s dedication to ensuring a smooth transition was evident in every detail of her work. Her documents not only outlined the company’s objectives and expectations but also provided invaluable insights into the nuances of the industry and the specific challenges I would face as the sole marketer within the organisation.

What truly set Helen apart was her unwavering support and guidance. As I navigated the complexities of my new role, she served as a trusted sounding board, offering invaluable advice and perspective that helped me overcome obstacles and achieve success. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing proved to be an invaluable resource, and I am grateful for the mentorship she provided during those critical early days.

Thanks to Helen’s expertise and support, I was able to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact in my new role. I have no doubt that her contributions were instrumental in setting me up for success, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in the field of marketing. Helen is not just a consultant; she is a true partner in professional growth and development.

Lorraine Minett, Marketing Manager, RDT


The quality of Helen’s review blew me away

Initially we engaged Helen for an in-depth marketing review for our Insurtech firm. The quality of Helen’s review blew me away. Her attention to detail, strategic thinking, and ability to dissect complex marketing challenges is a testament to her experience and knowledge in the field. The report identified areas for improvement but hit the brief in providing actionable steps to enhance our market positioning and customer engagement.

We then asked Helen to play a pivotal role in actioning her recommendations including helping us re-introduce the roll of marketing manager including the recruitment process . Also we involved in shaping our strategy and positioning for a new product that we are taking to market.

Helen was a key trusted partner who understood our vision, embraced our culture, and delivered exceptional results. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Joe O’Connor, CEO, RDT Insuretech


Her experience and insight were crucial

Helen’s experience and knowledge are second to none, and she was integral to our team’s devising of a robust marketing strategy for a challenging year. Not only does she bring extensive insight to meetings, but she’s able to communicate and teach this experience in an efficient and accessible way.

After initially helping with our strategy, she became an essential lead on a massive company project. Again, her experience and insight were crucial in helping our team navigate the work, and having her there to liaise with the agency allowed our small team to continue with other day-to-day tasks.

Helen played a crucial role in a challenging recruitment process, again instilling her wealth of knowledge and insight to help us find the right senior digital marketing executive. Recruitment is an incredibly time-consuming process, but Helen was able to review CVs, screen candidates on my behalf and help with interviews, saving me hours of valuable time. With her involvement, we found the person we needed to boost our team.

Helen has been a fantastic mentor to me this year, and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn from her in 2024.

Emma Stanley-Clegg, Marketing Manager, Mortgages for Business


Provided tailored advice that has allowed me to flourish

I had the privilege of working with Helen during my time at Goldenhill International M&A Advisors as a Digital Marketing Manager. Helen’s profound understanding of marketing automation and streamlined processes helped me to improve our in-house B2B marketing strategies and improve internal marketing operations. Helen is a brilliant idea generator, consistently driving innovative strategies that helped to set us apart from our competitors.

On a personal note, Helen has also played a pivotal role in my professional development, providing tailored advice and guidance that has allowed me to flourish in the dynamic field of marketing. I wholeheartedly endorse Helen for her marketing expertise, creativity, and unwavering support as both a mentor and Marketing Director.

Roseanne Ganley, Digital Marketing Manager, Goldenhill M&A Advisors


Helped our marketing team craft a well thought out marketing plan

We initially used Helen as we were looking for an expert to help provide advice and guidance to our marketing team. One of the standout aspects of Helen’s work was her ability to help our marketing team craft a well-thought-out marketing plan. She delved into the breadth of marketing channels, offering valuable insights on how we could enhance our approach.

Throughout the collaboration, Helen proved to be not just a consultant but an integral part of our team. Her approachability and down-to-earth nature made communication easy. I always felt that my team was in capable hands, and Helen’s commitment to ensuring that the team did their best and were well-supported was evident.

Moreover, Helen extended her support beyond the initial marketing plan. She played a crucial role in the recruitment process for our senior marketing executive, ensuring that we found the right candidate to drive our marketing initiatives forward. Additionally, her guidance in project managing our brand refresh was invaluable, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation.

Gavin Richardson, Managing Director, Mortgages For Business


Pivotal role in shaping our marketing strategy

Helen has played a pivotal role in shaping our organisation’s marketing strategy, exhibiting a comprehensive understanding of our goals and market dynamics. She meticulously crafted an overarching marketing plan that spans 1 to 18 months, providing a roadmap for our marketing initiatives and campaigns.

Her strategic vision encompassed various aspects, including market analysis, and the selection of appropriate marketing channels. Helen demonstrated her proficiency in developing a cohesive and integrated approach that aligns with our business objectives.

A noteworthy aspect of her contribution was the end-to-end process she designed for hiring a marketing manager. This involved defining the role’s responsibilities, outlining the desired qualifications and skills, and strategising the recruitment process. Helen ensured that the recruitment plan not only met immediate needs but also aligned with the long-term goals of the marketing department.

Stuart Dewhurst, Client Relationship Director, RDT


She has helped us build a solid foundation for the firm’s marketing presence

We approached Helen as we were looking for a legal marketing expert to work with our competition law firm. We needed help to review our marketing and business activity and a set of recommendations that we could implement to ensure that we had a consistent and persistent presence.

We found Helen’s marketing plan insightful, practical, and full of helpful ideas. We have now brought Helen in on a consultancy basis to work with our communications officer to support and advise in implementing the plan. Working with Helen has been an invaluable experience for the firm and has given us a solid foundation to build out our firm’s presence in the marketplace.

Damien Geradin, Managing Partner, Geradin and Partners


Thank you for believing in me

Thank you so much for all of your support and the invaluable knowledge you have passed on and most of all thank you for believing in me and helping me speak up when I felt I couldn’t.

Marketing Manager, Accountancy Firm


Extremely knowledgeable about marketing in the legal industry

Helen prepared an online marketing plan for my specialist legal advice firm. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable about marketing in the legal industry which is one of the main reasons why I chose her in the first place. Helen had a clear understanding of my objectives and my vision without the need for an all-day discovery session. What I valued the most about Helen was her efficiency. After working with her I was left with exactly what I needed. A detailed marketing plan with practical advice on achieving the best results.

Gina Savanhu, Immigration Lawyer – Director, GDS Immigration Law


An expert in her field and has great skill in explaining what needs doing in simple, achievable steps

We used Helen for an overarching marketing review and strategy going forward to generate more work. I can’t speak for the results as yet (in terms of extra revenue generated) as we’re right at the start of the process, however I can speak of Helen’s excellent work and my confidence it will prove fruitful.

I found Helen via google (a good sign she knows about marketing) but I made sure I actually spent some time searching through potential candidates and ensuring we found someone suited to our firm, I’m delighted we chose Helen.

Helen is clearly an expert in her field and more importantly for us, has a great skill in explaining what needs doing in simple, achievable steps.

The Marketing Plan produced by Helen is fantastic and extremely thorough, she has really thought of everything. More importantly she has explained why. That has really helped the rest of the team to buy into the plan. Our online presence is already looking more professional and we’ve so many ideas/instructions from Helen to implement going forward.

David Brogelli, Practice Manager, Elysium Law


Quickly ascertained our business objective and priorities

We found Helen to be very professional and efficient. She was able to quickly ascertain our business objectives and priorities and put them clearly into a document, that will form the basis for our Marketing Strategy going forward. We found Helen to be very personable, very good at mediating our in-house discussions about our company’s marketing plans and very clear in what resource we needed to achieve our targets. Thanks, Helen for all your hard work.

Anouschka Fryer, Director, Change Consultancy (Quantity Surveying and Cost Management Firm)


She supported me throughout the implementation of the firm’s marketing plans

I had the pleasure of working with Helen during my time as a Marketing Executive at Goldenhill International M&A Advisors.

Helen stood as a mentor during this time, providing guidance, advice, and assistance throughout my role. She supported me throughout the implementation of the firm’s marketing and BD plans and shared her expertise on wider areas of marketing, which I am very grateful for.

Helen is knowledgeable, responsive and very approachable and I look forward to hopefully working with her again in the future.

Georgia Sutherland, Marketing Executive, Goldenhill International


Organised and insightful approach to understanding the business

It was a pleasure working with Helen on PGI’s corporate marketing direction. Her organised and insightful approach to understanding the business made it clear she was invested in the success of the project. Helen drew from her experience across a range of B2B professional services firms to provide us with different perspectives on how we could improve and build on our existing marketing and business development activities as well as identifying gaps that needed to be addressed.

Karis Bouher, Marketing Manager, PGI (Cyber and Intelligence Consultancy)


Has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the skills and expertise that come with her job.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Helen. She listened carefully to what I was looking to achieve for our family law practice, and she set out a detailed marketing plan as to how to achieve our marketing goals. She has broken down the steps to be taken into bite-sized manageable pieces of work and has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the skills and expertise that come with her job. She has turned around work quickly and efficiently and has always been available to deal with queries. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Saika Alam, Head of Family Law, Branch Austin McCormick


Thanks to her efforts, the growth of our marketing presence has been simply phenomenal.

Helen has been Spencer West’s Marketing Director for two and a half years now, and in that short time thanks to her efforts, the growth of our marketing presence has been simply phenomenal.

She has dealt with everything from pulling our marketing plan together to implementing and working with suppliers on our suite of firmwide marketing collateral, website design, SEO, social media and newsletters, all done brilliantly. Helen has kept up with our vast pace of growth and put the right marketing tactics in place the whole way along the journey, appreciating that budgets are tight and achieving a large impact with a modest outlay.

Thanks to Helen, we project the City of London, UK-wide and international expertise that is now Spencer West. We are truly grateful and can’t recommend her highly enough.

Antoine West, Managing Partner, Spencer West


Offered valuable thoughts to increase our marketing presence

Helen was brought on to work with Engage Consulting to help us review our marketing strategy. She offered us some very valuable thoughts on how we can increase our marketing presence across our channels, to more detailed insights into how we can run our campaigns more effectively. Since the review, we are taking Helen’s recommendations onboard, implementing them and are starting to see some encouraging results. It’s been a pleasure working with Helen, she is knowledgeable, approachable, enthusiastic and not afraid to challenge us.

Alastair Bates, Head of Consulting, Engage Consultancy


An asset in helping us to build our marketing capabilities

We initially approached Helen as we were looking to enhance our brand image and lead generation through a more cohesive digital marketing effort. Helen pulled together our firm’s marketing plan looking at all elements both online and offline to help us make the most of our marketing efforts. Following this, we brought her in as our Outsourced Marketing Director where she has project managed a rebrand as well as recruited our first Marketing Executive in the business. Helen has been an asset in helping us to build our marketing capabilities and is now working to support our Marketing Executive create and implement our sector BD Plans.

Philip Albright, Partner, Goldenhill International M&A Advisors


Helped me ease into my new role with confidence

I had the pleasure of working with Helen at the start of my marketing career at Buckworths law firm. Having worked for events marketing before, I wasn’t too familiar with the concept of professional services marketing for law firms. Helen’s efficiency, professionalism and extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, however, pointed me in the right direction and made me ease into my new role with confidence. She brought innovative ideas and solutions to the table and supported me in shaping up the firm wide marketing plan and various channel strategies. I would highly recommend Helen’s services and (hopefully) will have the pleasure to work with her again in the future!

Maggie Strumelieva , Marketing Executive at Buckworths


Flexible approach and willingness to address challenges

I worked with Helen on a project that was time-sensitive and large in scope – the launch of a European law firm’s London office. We were in need of an outsourced marketing manager who would be able to provide both strategic and practical marketing support. I found her to be responsive, organised, collaborative and solution-oriented. I appreciated her flexible approach and willingness to address challenges. I look forward to working with her again on future projects.

Reign Lee, Van Bael & Bellis


Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely organised

Helen worked closely with Archon Solicitors to put together a marketing plan suited to the firm and assisted us on the first stages of its implementation. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely organised which made the process of building the foundations for a successful marketing approach a pleasure. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Nikola Southern, Partner, Archon Employment Solicitors


Central player in the growth of the firm

Helen has been working as our Outsourced Marketing Director at Spencer West LLP since 2019 and has been a central player in the growth of the firm. Helen created the firm’s marketing strategy and implemented it, which is no mean feat given our exponential expansion these last 3 years. Helen has also ensured that we think strategically about our marketing and about how to position ourselves. Under Helen’s expert advice and guidance, we have developed a strong brand presence, brought on a PR agency, and are now making strides with our international marketing, too. Helen is approachable, isn’t afraid to challenge, and supports all of our Partners’ marketing efforts – she is both strategic and hugely practical and we look forward to our continuing relationship with her as we build the firm.

Simeon Spencer, Senior Partner, Spencer West


Incredibly knowledgeable

Helen was incredibly knowledgeable and gave me some out of the box ideas in terms of developing the social media strategy for the business. She is very approachable and has some great ideas.

Charlotte Davidson, Marketing Manager, Serle Court Chambers


Transformed our marketing efforts

Helen transformed our recruitment agency’s marketing efforts. She created a clear, comprehensive strategy that covered both online and offline activities. Her first project was to manage our brand refresh and new website launch. Helen collaborated seamlessly with our team and the design agency, ensuring everything was completed on time, within budget, and with invaluable advice throughout.

Since then, Helen has established several marketing processes that have enabled us to go to market consistently and persistently. Working with Helen has been an absolute pleasure; her expertise and dedication have made a significant impact on our business.

Fiona Boxall, Managing Director, BWW Recruitment


We have a clear direction and our marketing mojo back

We decided to use Helen to help us pull together a marketing plan for our Health and Safety Consultancy. During the pandemic, we realised that marketing was more essential than ever to keep our business going and although we had dabbled in marketing ourselves we wanted a clear overview of what exactly we needed to do across both our online and offline marketing. Helen took the time to understand our business and prepared a comprehensive plan for the team to implement – we a really pleased to have a clear direction and we feel we have our marketing mojo back!

Jan Mills, Managing Director, The Bradley Group


Created a marketing plan tailored to our business

We brought Helen on to help us take the next step with our marketing. She created a marketing plan that was tailored to our business – an architectural ironmongery firm – that looked at both online and offline marketing that could help us achieve our goals. As part of the plan she identified that a brand refresh was needed and we brought Helen in to manage the project for us and act as our marketing consultant. Her approach was structured, logical and she helped us push through the new rebrand which included a new website and a new look and feel for Em-B Solutions.

David Robinson, Marketing Manager, EmB – Solutions


Timely and incisive

We engaged with Helen to provide a block of marketing consulting time to complement our existing marketing activity. It has been so beneficial to have Helen at the end of the phone to provide advice on a range of marketing queries, based on her knowledge and experience. Her responses were always timely and incisive.

Christine Taylor, Finance Director, Technology@Work


Quickly pulled together a marketing plan to give us more structure

Helen has worked with our accountancy practice as our outsourced marketing manager for the firm. When she came on board she quickly pulled together a plan for us to give our marketing some structure. Since that time she has worked with our design agency to update our website and she has also been able to get our SEO in order which hadn’t been done for the firm’s website. Helen has started the ball rolling for our blogging process and we now have regular content and she has created our social media strategy too which we will begin to implement.

Mason Bloom, Partner, Silver Levene


Helped shape our online presence and rebrand

I needed an experienced external marketing resource who understood what I wanted and wouldn’t laugh at my silly questions. Helen was and continues to be that and has helped me shape our online presence, rebrand and generally take a more professional approach to marketing, the results are excellent. Helen is extremely personable, knowledgeable and deals with matters quickly and to budget.

Nick Rees, Managing Director, GRL Legal LLP


It’s great that my team can see the impact of you

Thanks so much for your input, its also great that my team can see the impact of you – I know we have only just started on this journey but your support and pace has really made an impact to our momentum of positive business change!

Mathew Sheehan, Managing Director, Enabled Living Healthcare


More clarity on who we need to target

I liked Helen’s systematic and targeted approach to marketing. With Helen, I received a thorough marketing plan tailored specifically to my business. I now have more clarity towards the type of audience that I need to target, and all the platforms that I can launch my business in. I  enjoyed working with Helen and will surely work with her again in future. Highly recommend Helen Cox Marketing.

Elham Peyfoon, Leadership Coach


She’s made it really easy to ensure our marketing is out there

We’ve recently used Helen’s services to support and launch the campaign of a new online portal for office management professionals. She’s made it really easy to ensure our marketing is out there, on the platforms we need to be on – scheduling SM posts, making me stick to a marketing plan and now we’re heading into a whole new strategy – can’t wait!

Hana Gray, Director, Black & White Office Consultancy


Implemented some of the most cost-effective marketing I’ve done for my business in a long time

Well If there was 5 stars plus she would get it! I arranged a marketing consultation and with a degree in Marketing I wanted to use someone who would be able to give me some more up to date ideas to get me up and running. I wasn’t disappointed, she not only gave me some ideas she helped me implement some of the most cost effective marketing I have done for my own business for a very long time. I have doubled my web and social media stats and gained two new customers too. Thanks Helen!

Lizzie Phillips, Owner, IWant2Network


Super responsive and intelligent so a pleasure to work with

Helen’s work is excellent! She is super responsive and intelligent so a pleasure to work with. I am an ideas person, and a demanding one, so I appreciate Helen’s positive attitude and flexibility. I wholeheartedly recommend Helen to any business looking for a safe, quick pair of hands to take its marketing to the next level.

Samar Shams, Partner, Spencer West


New and fresh ideas delivered in a disciplined constructive way

Helen has been fantastic to work with, always positive and passionate about marketing Powercard21 with new and fresh ideas delivered in a disciplined constructive way. Helen helped shape our marketing plan, had extensive input into our new website, helped develop our company video’s as well as advising and driving forward our SEO work. We will be looking forward to working with Helen again soon.

Sean Forward, MD, Powercard21


The rest of the team felt as inspired by you as I did

I was so pleased that the rest of the team felt as inspired by you as I did over that sausage sandwich months ago about all things marketing! You did a great job. I’m delighted that the decision was made to choose you and I’m really looking forward to seeing the progress that we can make in the marketing arena.

Solicitor, Employment Law Practice, London


Helen really understands how to make an impact

Helen recently gave a talk on behalf of the Institute of Barristers Clerks on how to make the most of your social media presence. It was a very informative talk, with lots of hints and tips to take away and make a Chambers profile more engaging. Helen really understands how to make an impact on social media and gave us some simple building blocks that everyone in the room could use and implement.

Tristan Whigham, Institute of Barristers Clerks