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We all know how hectic running a business can be. There’s always so much to do that sometimes, marketing ends up on the back burner.

But when it’s overlooked, we miss out on connecting with our clients in the best ways possible and generating the leads needed to fuel business growth. It can often feel like we’re just guessing what to do next.

That’s where having a marketing plan can help

I’m a big advocate for getting ahead with proactive marketing. Imagine having a plan that aligns with your business goals and speaks directly to your client’s needs—this is what strategic marketing can do for you.

It’s about moving from a last-minute rush to a well-thought-out marketing strategy that not only makes your marketing efforts more effective but also clears up a lot of the confusion. With a solid marketing plan in place, you can steer your company with more confidence and less stress.

Writing a marketing plan might seem daunting, but I’m here to simplify the process. With over 17 years of experience in marketing and having crafted over 50 clients’ marketing plans, I know the right questions to ask to help you formulate a plan that aligns with your business goals.


Is it just hot air? What do marketing consultants do?

Sometimes, all you need is an expert to help piece it all together. Let me assist you in creating both a strategic and practical marketing plan that can kick-start your journey and provide peace of mind for you, your marketing team, and your leadership team.

How do I work?

I’m here to collaborate closely with you, whether it’s working with your leadership team, board, or marketing and business development teams. My goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business from every angle. Together, we’ll embark on a discovery process tailored to uncover the unique aspects of your organisation. This helps me create a marketing plan that’s suited to your needs.

Once I have all the necessary information, I’ll take the insights we’ve gathered and create a marketing and business development plan focused on your goals. I’ll select the most effective marketing tactics specifically designed to resonate with your audience, establish your position in the market, and drive lead generation.

Would you like to find out more? I offer a free 30-min discovery call to new clients to understand what they need and see where I can help.


Whether we meet in person or connect online, I’ll spend a few days immersing myself in your business through my marketing planning discovery process. During this time, I engage in deep discussions covering various marketing aspects to fully grasp your specific needs.

In my experience, these conversations could involve anyone from your CEO and leadership teams to your finance, HR, marketing and sales teams, account managers, and product managers. We’ll work together to pinpoint the key stakeholders who can provide the essential insights needed.

Once I’ve gathered all the necessary information, I’ll craft a tailored marketing plan. After the plan is developed, I’ll share it with you, allowing ample time for review. We’ll then have a debrief call to discuss any questions, finalise details, and outline the next steps.

What’s Included in Your Marketing Plan?

  • Competitor Analysis: Understand your market position relative to your competitors.
  • Objectives and Goal Setting: Define clear and measurable objectives.
  • Target Market, Positioning, and Messaging: Sharpen your market presence and communicate effectively.
  • Marketing Channels and Tactics: Select the optimal channels and tactics that align with your strategy.
  • Action Plan: A step-by-step guide to implement your marketing initiatives.
  • Measurement of Effectiveness: Tools and techniques to measure the success of your marketing efforts.

Absolutely! Every B2B business, law firm, or accountancy firm truly benefits from having a well-thought-out marketing plan. If your strategy isn’t written down and it’s just floating around in your head, then it’s definitely time to formalise it.

A documented marketing plan not only sets a clear direction and purpose but also saves you from the all-too-common scattergun approach that can feel a bit like running around like a headless chicken. It keeps your marketing efforts aligned, allowing you to measure the success of each initiative effectively. Plus, it’s all about finding and refining the mix of marketing strategies that work best for your specific business needs.


  • 2-3 days of in-house interviews with key stakeholders in the business.
  • A marketing plan that covers competitor analysis, goal setting, target market and positioning, marketing channels and tactics an action plan that is rated according to urgency and how to measure your ROI.
  • An action plan detailing everything you need to do to fulfil the marketing plan and when.
  • A comprehensive debriefing session to talk through the plan and to make sure you are completely happy and decide on next steps.
  • The option to bring me on as your Outsourced Marketing Director or Fractional CMO on a retainer basis. I can help deliver on the plan, recruit marketing resource into your business and mentor them, or support your marketing teams to ensure it makes the most impact.

The timeline can vary based on the scope and complexity of your needs, but generally, the development of a marketing plan can take anywhere from 3- 6 weeks. This includes initial assessments, strategy development, feedback iterations, and finalising the actionable plan.

Implementation timelines will depend on the specific strategies agreed upon but will be outlined clearly in the plan to ensure expectations are managed.

Success measurement will be integral to ensuring that we are on the right track. We’ll establish key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with the goals outlined in the marketing plan. These might include metrics like lead generation, website traffic, conversion rates, client retention rates, and overall revenue growth.

We’ll put in place regular reporting both at ground level and for leadership (if needed) that will help us monitor these metrics closely, allowing us to adjust our tactics in real-time.

Happy Clients

Helen has been a central player in the growth of the firm.

Helen created the firm’s marketing strategy and implemented it, which is no mean feat given our exponential expansion these last 3 years.

Helen has also ensured that we think strategically about our marketing and about how to position ourselves. Under Helen’s expert advice and guidance, we have developed a strong brand presence, brought on a PR agency, and are now making strides with our international marketing, to

Simeon Spencer, Senior Partner
Spencer West

Helped our marketing team craft a well thought out marketing plan

We initially used Helen as we were looking for an expert to help provide advice and guidance to our marketing team. One of the standout aspects of Helen’s work was her ability to help our marketing team craft a well-thought-out marketing plan. She delved into the breadth of marketing channels, offering valuable insights on how we could enhance our approach.

Moreover, Helen extended her support beyond the initial marketing plan. She played a crucial role in the recruitment process for our senior marketing executive, ensuring that we found the right candidate to drive our marketing initiatives forward. 

Gavin Richardson, Managing Director
Mortgages For Business

Case Study Highlight

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