Marketing consultancy for consultancies based in London and Kent

I work with consultancy firms in London, Kent and the UK that are well-established and looking to grow. I provide guidance and support them with their marketing strategy, review their marketing activities and make recommendations, as well as acting as a Fractional or Interim Marketing Director.

A Marketing Consultant for Consultancy Firms

Having worked with a FTSE 100 London-based consultancy as well as IT Consultancies, HR Consultants, Learning and Development Consultancies, Energy and M&A consultants this puts me in a great position to advise, guide, and implement your marketing. Plus I’m a consultant too which means I have a good idea of the types of challenges you’re undergoing.

Do you experience any of the following challenges?

  • You want to grow your consultancy firm and know that having a marketing plan is essential – but you have no idea where to start.
  • Your competitors are consistently pipping you to the post and you would like to be more proactive in the way you go to market.
  • You’ve been running your marketing for some time now but you’re not sure that your marketing team is as effective as they could be.
  • The balance of marketing activity to business development activity is weighted towards marketing but you know business devleopment could help your consultancy firm thrive.
  • You’re planning on launching a new service into the marketplace but need help identifying your segments, the messaging, and the value proposition that must happen before launch.
  • You’re looking for investment and you need to ensure that you have the right marketing plans, processes, and teams in place.
  • You need help with recruiting the right marketing resource into the business and need an expert to help write your job description and interview the best candidates.
  • You have a junior marketing resource who might be struggling and you know they could perform much better and the quality of your firm’s marketing would improve with an expert on hand to mentor them.
  • You have an over-enthusiastic CEO who keeps moving the boundaries on where you should be focusing and is too quick to judge what is and isn’t working when it comes to marketing.

Next steps

If you need help with writing your consultancy firm’s marketing plan, need an Fractional Marketing Director to help run your day to day activities or would like to give your marketing team support and mentoring please get in touch and book a call.


I work with many different types of B2B Business. Here are a selection that I have worked with:

  • HR Consultancies
  • IT Consultancies
  • Tech
  • Insurance
  • Cyber security firms
  • Energy consultancies
  • M&A companies
  • Leadership Teams
  • CEOs or Founders
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Juniors (Marketing Executives, Assistants)
  • Senior-level support on marketing strategy and planning for your business. I can both write marketing plans and strategies or review them.
  • Working with the leadership team, managing partners or heads of marketing to advise and guide on business decisions with a marketing hat on.
  • Recruiting and setting up a marketing team.
  • Managing and mentoring the marketing team.
  • Implementing and putting in place marketing and business development processes.
  • Heading up the project management of large marketing initiatives such as rebrands or brand refreshes.
  • Creating marketing and business development service, sector and office plans.
  • Social media marketing strategy.
  • Content marketing strategy.
  • Thought leadership campaign development.

Happy Clients

Valuable thoughts on how to increase or marketing presence

Helen was brought on to work with Engage Consulting to help us review our marketing strategy. She offered us some very valuable thoughts on how we can increase our marketing presence across our channels, to more detailed insights into how we can run our campaigns more effectively.

Alastair Bates, Head of Consulting, Engage Consultancy

Organised and insightful approach

Helen’s organised and insightful approach to understanding the business made it clear she was invested in the success of the project. She provided direction needed to improve and build on our existing marketing and business development activities as well as identifying gaps that needed to be addressed.

Karis Bouher, Marketing Manager, Protection Group International

Consultancy Firms I’ve worked with

Case Study Highlight

Marketing for Consultancy firms Helen Cox Marketing

Helping a Health and Safety Consultancy

I was approached by a Health and Safety Consultancy that needed some help with their marketing. They said that if they wanted to weather the storm then they needed to make sure that they were front of mind with their clients.

Let’s talk…

For more information on any of my services, get in touch and let’s talk.