You need marketing, you know you do. I have solid marketing experience working with a FTSE 100 London-based consultancy as well as  IT Consultancies, HR Consultants, Learning and Development Consultancies, Energy and M&A Consultants puts me in a great position to advise, guide, and implement your marketing.

Missing out on opportunities?

From my experience in working with consultancies in London and Kent, you guys have ideas, lots of them but often don’t find the time to implement them (I mean I am marketing consultant doing my own marketing and I hardly find the time). Sometimes networking and who you know isn’t enough and you can often be missing out on opportunities because you don’t know what you don’t know or maybe you’re worried or too scared to dip your toe in without an expert.

So what marketing help do you need? Are you looking for some ad hoc advice, or would you like me to take a deeper dive and perform a marketing review, write your marketing plan for you or become your outsourced marketing manager? It’s all about getting organised and not getting overwhelmed. Let me guide and advise you through the minefield.

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