Marketing Consultant for B2B businesses in Kent, London and UK

I work with B2B businesses in London, Kent and the UK that are well established and looking to grow. I support them with their marketing strategy, planning and implementation as well as acting as a Fractional or Interim Marketing Director.

Marketing for your B2B business

With over 17 years of B2B marketing experience I feel like I understand the world that you operate in. Your job is hard. Not only are you trying to market to a business but you are also marketing to a host of people within that business to encourage them to buy your service. It’s a complicated process that needs real thought and attention to detail. B2B isn’t like a consumer industry – just being able to buy something. There are long lead cycles, different stages of the buying process and it takes time. It’ hard to know where to start.

Do you experience any of the following challenges?

  • A lack of a clear and defined marketing strategy – not understanding what your goals are or how to get there.
  • Reacting to market changes rather than proactively anticipating and adapting to industry trends that result in your B2B business missing potential opportunities for growth.
  • Consistently being overshadowed by competitors.
  • Difficulty in determining the effectiveness of your marketing and business development activities which is starting to impact your resources and your ROI.
  • Understanding how to balance the importance of digital marketing with traditional business development.
  • Unsure of whether you need to recruit marketing resources, outsource or train internal teams and how you should set up or grow your marketing team.
  • Junior marketing resources not having access to a more senior and experienced marketer to help with both the businesses and their growth.
  • An overactive CEO with an inclination to shift focus between different tactics without a cohesive strategy, that has led to disjointed efforts and a lack of sustained growth.

My breadth of marketing experience spans the whole marketing mix, from marketing communications to integrated campaigns and business development activities. I work with businesses based in London, Kent and the UK as well as in Europe. My clients come to me with a variety of challenges, which I always enjoy getting my teeth into. The type of work that I undertake includes:

Helen Cox Marketing Consultant UK London B2B Legal Accountancy

Marketing reviews

I’m often asked to review the marketing of the B2B business that I work with and provide recommendations for improvement. These are great projects for me as I go into discovery mode to understand the whole business and what is and isn’t working. The outputs of this work include a high-value recommendations and next steps document to get my clients back on track.

Marketing planning and outsourced marketing

I work in partnership with my clients and their marketing teams to help them create marketing strategies and plans aligned with their business goals. I also work with B2B businesses in more high-level strategic roles by acting as an outsourced marketing director or fractional CMO.

Depending on the size of your business and your marketing team I can also provide marketing consultancy alongside a marketing manager in the business, who may be working on their own and would like to talk through their ideas. I completely flexble according to what your business needs.

Marketing can be like a puzzle for B2B businesses and it is often hard to see where it all fits together and can make a difference. Sometimes you just need that objective eye to help point you in the right direction and motivate you and your team.

I’ve most likely been there and done it so I’m here to provide you with advice, guidance and an expert pair of hands when you most need it.

Next steps

If you need help with writing your B2B businesses marketing plan, need an Fractional Marketing Director to help run your day to day activities or would like to give your marketing team support and mentoring please get in touch and book a call.


I work with many different types of B2B Business. Here are a selection that I have worked with:

  • Recruitment agencies
  • Health and social care organizations
  • HR Consultancies
  • IT Consultancies
  • Tech
  • Insurance
  • Cyber security firms
  • Energy consultancies
  • M&A companies
  • Mortgage companies
  • Commercial landscapers
  • Leadership Teams
  • CEOs or Founders
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Juniors (Marketing Executives, Assistants)
  • Senior-level support on marketing strategy and planning for your business. I can both write marketing plans and strategies or review them.
  • Working with the leadership team, managing partners or heads of marketing to advise and guide on business decisions with a marketing hat on.
  • Recruiting and setting up a marketing team.
  • Managing and mentoring the marketing team.
  • Implementing and putting in place marketing and business development processes.
  • Heading up the project management of large marketing initiatives such as rebrands or brand refreshes.
  • Creating marketing and business development service, sector and office plans.
  • Social media marketing strategy.
  • Content marketing strategy.
  • Thought leadership campaign development.

Happy Clients

Organised and insightful approach to understanding the business

It was a pleasure working with Helen on PGI’s corporate marketing direction. Her organised and insightful approach to understanding the business made it clear she was invested in the success of the project. Helen drew from her experience across a range of B2B professional services firms to provide us with different perspectives on how we could improve and build on our existing marketing and business development activities

Karis Bouher, Marketing Manager, PGI 

Pivotal role in shaping our marketing strategy

Helen has played a pivotal role in shaping our organisation’s marketing strategy, exhibiting a comprehensive understanding of our goals and market dynamics. She meticulously crafted an overarching marketing plan that spans 1 to 18 months, providing a roadmap for our marketing initiatives and campaigns.

Her strategic vision encompassed various aspects, including market analysis, and the selection of appropriate marketing channels. Helen demonstrated her proficiency in developing a cohesive and integrated approach that aligns with our business objectives.

Stuart Dewhurst, Client Relationship Director, RDT

B2B Firms I’ve worked with

Case Study Highlight

Helen Cox Marketing Consultant Kent and London

A Roadmap to Success: Corporate Marketing for a Cybersecurity Consultancy

Delve into a comprehensive exploration of the role I played in shaping and implementing an impactful corporate marketing plan for a distinguished cybersecurity company.

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