Helen Cox Marketing Consultant Kent and London

Revamping Marketing Strategy for a Boutique Property Litigation Firm


A boutique property litigation firm sought assistance in revitalising their marketing efforts. Dissatisfied with their previous head of marketing who had adversely affected their SEO rankings and exhibited slow responsiveness, they approached me for a comprehensive marketing strategy. The firm aimed to explore various digital marketing channels, including social media, SEO, email campaigns, and website restructuring. Additionally, they sought guidance for enhancing their offline activities such as PR, participation in awards, directories, exhibitions, and events. With aspirations to expand their business across five key areas, the firm needed assistance in developing business plans to facilitate growth.

Challenges Faced:

  • Damaged SEO Rankings: Previous marketing efforts had led to a decline in the firm’s SEO rankings due to the utilisation of ineffective strategies.
  • Slow Execution: The former head of marketing exhibited inefficiency and tardiness in executing marketing initiatives, leading to missed opportunities.
  • Resource Constraints: Being a growing practice, the firm struggled to allocate time and resources towards effective marketing while managing day-to-day operations.


I undertook a holistic approach to address the firm’s marketing challenges and objectives:

  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan: Conducted an in-depth analysis of the firm’s current marketing landscape and devised a tailored marketing plan encompassing digital and offline channels.
  • Budget Planning: Created a detailed budget outlining resource allocation for various marketing activities and recommended hiring a full-time marketing resource to alleviate the burden on the firm’s management.
  • Outsourced Marketing Director: Engaged as an outsourced marketing director to oversee the implementation of the marketing plan, recruit a suitable marketing manager, and collaborate with the team to execute business development plans.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Facilitated partnerships with external agencies such as PR consultants and SEO experts to enhance brand visibility and rectify past marketing flaws.
  • Implementation Support: Provided ongoing support in implementing email marketing newsletters, reviewing the website structure, and establishing a structured budgeting process for marketing initiatives.


  • Improved Marketing Performance: The implementation of the new marketing strategies and collaborations with external agencies led to significant improvements in the firm’s marketing performance.
  • SEO Recovery: Efforts to rectify past SEO errors, including toxic links and black hat tactics, resulted in a gradual recovery of the firm’s SEO rankings.
  • Business Growth: The development and execution of targeted business plans across key areas contributed to the firm’s expansion and market penetration.
  • Streamlined Operations: By recruiting a dedicated marketing manager and outsourcing marketing activities, the firm achieved greater efficiency in marketing operations, allowing the management to focus on core business activities.
  • Positive Momentum: The firm experienced a positive momentum in their marketing efforts, with noticeable progress in a short period, setting the stage for sustained growth and success.


Through a collaborative effort between me and the boutique property litigation firm, a comprehensive marketing strategy was developed and successfully implemented, addressing both digital and offline marketing challenges. The revitalised marketing approach not only improved the firm’s brand visibility and market position but also facilitated business growth across key areas.

By leveraging strategic partnerships and outsourcing marketing activities, the firm achieved operational efficiency and laid a solid foundation for future marketing efforts. The partnership between the consultant and the firm continues to drive positive momentum, ensuring sustained growth and success in the competitive landscape of property litigation.