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Attracting clients with LinkedIn strategies for your B2B firm

LinkedIn is a social media platform that has proven to be a useful tool in marketing a variety of business types. This is particularly true for those who are trying to appeal to businesses as their clients.  

However, it is important to remember that to ensure that LinkedIn works for you as a brand, you are going to need to know exactly how to use it to attract clients.   

It isn’t always easy to know where to start when it comes to attracting clients with LinkedIn strategies for your B2B firm. However, to help you to try and master this, here are eight of the things that I believe that you should be doing.   

Start by getting to know who you are marketing to  

It is going to be a whole lot harder to market yourself to your new potential clients if you do not have a proper understanding of who it is that you are marketing to and what exactly it is that they want from you.   

This means that one of the main steps that you are going to need to take is to gather a wealth of insights into your prospective clients.

  • Who are they?
  • What is it that they need?
  • What issues will they have?
  • What is it that will make them want to read your content?   

If you can answer these questions, then you are going to be able to create content that is going to resonate with them and that will help them to want to buy into whatever it is that you are trying to promote.   

Don’t forget your competitors  

Knowing your potential clients is one thing, but if you want to try and master your craft, you are going to want to learn as much as possible about those who you compete with.   

The good news is that LinkedIn is the perfect tool to try and do this. You can use it to look at the type of things that they have been posting and how much engagement they have had from these posts.   

If you have had similar posts, or posts that are around a similar topic, then you should use their performance as a comparison tool against yours. How have they performed? Is it better or worse than your posts? What is different between the two? What could you take from their posts to improve your posts or keep doing that you do already?   

Use LinkedIn to your advantage 

As I have already mentioned earlier in this post, LinkedIn can be a hugely useful tool when it comes to attracting new clients. However, how exactly can you achieve this? When you take the time to learn how LinkedIn works as a platform, you soon discover that LinkedIn has publishing tools designed to help you to create and publish content that is going to work to your advantage.   

This boosts engagement with content that has been developed internally within the platform. This means that if you want to reach as many people as possible, then you are going to need to get to grips with the tools that LinkedIn can offer you.   

Involve the entire team  

Whilst there are going to be certain members of your team who are involved in marketing you as a B2B brand; others working within your business are also able to provide useful insights and assist in marketing you as a brand.   

To give yourself the best chance of success in your LinkedIn marketing efforts, you are going to want to make sure that this is as much of a team effort as possible.   

Anyone involved in the client journey within your business will have some idea of what these clients are like, the things that they need and what things can be done to make their journey with you as high quality as possible.  

They may not be able to entirely understand the key aspects of marketing, but this is where the experts in marketing are going to be able to help and bring the thoughts and opinions of these key staff members and link them with marketing in some way.   

Create valuable content  

To ensure that your potential clients are going to trust what you are saying to them in your LinkedIn posts (and want to know more about what you can offer them) they are going to want to feel that they can trust you as a brand.   

The easiest way to do this is to share content with your audience that will provide them with value, rather than make them feel that they are constantly being sold to.   

Consider what type of content you can create that shows that you know what you are talking about and that your service is going to be beneficial in solving some of the issues that your potential clients may have.   

Whenever you create these types of posts and share this type of content, you will give yourself the best chance of appealing to them and having them interested in who you are as a business.   

Try out LinkedIn Live 

There are times when the content that you are sharing has become a little stagnant and might not be getting the engagement and attention that you hope for. This means that you are going to need to try out a different approach with the type of posts that you share.   

An alternative to the usual types of text that you may share on LinkedIn, is to share video content instead. Whilst the usual approach to videos is often going to work out well for you when it comes to refreshing content, if you want to make an impact, then you are going to need to push yourself a little out of your comfort zone and try a live stream instead.   

Live videos are a great way to encourage audience engagement, you can make them somewhat interactive, which means that you are going to be bringing your audience into the journey with you!   


A great way to expand your reach and to maximise your engagement on LinkedIn is to try and collaborate with other brands, particularly when it comes to arranging and hosting events.   

This is going to prove to be particularly useful if you can complement one another’s services and therefore are going to be able to appeal to the same kinds of audience.   

Not only are you going to be able to feel the benefit of maximising your reach, but, if the event is proving to be somewhat time-consuming to prepare for, then you are going to benefit from having someone else on hand to help to carry out the work.   

Be visible yourself in relevant LinkedIn groups  

Another thing that you need to remember about LinkedIn is that it is essentially a networking tool. Therefore, if you want to make it work for you, then you are going to need to be as visible as possible.   

Find out groups that match not only you as a brand, but also the clients that you are trying to market to, and then join them.

Be present in these groups, be visible, engage with others in the group and find out more about what they are saying. Not only can this link you to potential clients for the future; but it can also help you to learn more about the industry that you work in, what you may need to be aware of in the future and the things that you may need to do to move with the times. 

The main thing to remember with LinkedIn is that if you want to grow your B2B business, then it is going to prove to be a useful tool. You just need to know more about how to use it in the right way.   

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