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Why your professional service firm needs some PR love

Whilst PR isn’t something that I offer as a part of my service, I do recognise that PR can prove to be an important and useful tool for any professional service firm.   

I know this because PR and marketing are approaches that can work hand in hand and help drive your professional service firm towards your end goal. Especially when you get them right. PR isn’t something everyone understands or thinks will be appropriate for them to try. However, it does fit with many more business types than you may realise.

If you are considering PR for your professional service firm and want to know whether or not it will be worthwhile trying, here are some reasons why I believe that PR can prove to be useful.   

It appeals to talent  

To make your professional services firm the best, you must have the right people working for you. It can be a competitive market trying to secure the right talent, but thanks to PR you can give yourself a much needed boost. PR campaigns are designed to attract prospective clients, but they can also be useful to securing future employees.   

The talent that you want to appeal to will be looking for a firm just like you. They want to work for a firm that is looking to the future, making plans and trying to promote themselves the best they can. When they see this, they will feel they can have a future with your firm and more likely to apply for a role.   

PR creates leads  

When done right, PR can help generate not only leads for your business, but important leads at that. The main reason for this to be the case, is because good PR, with spots in high quality media outlets can boost your name and get you out there and visible to a whole new audience. Then it is down to marketing to do the rest of the hard work. 

It gives you some level of control over your publicity  

There is a good chance that you will feel very strongly about the publicity that your firm receives and how you are seen in the media and to clients.   

It can be hard to control what is said (and seen about you) but it is not impossible. You can make it even easier for yourself by utilising PR services. They will do whatever they can to try and ensure that your firm is seen in the best light and will have several contacts that will help to promote your business even further.   

PR brings in potential investors  

Investors are important to ensure you can take your services firm to the next level. However, they can be hard to find and appeal to. When you are visible in the media thanks to PR, you will also be visible to investors.  

Not only does it mean that they are aware that you exist. It will also make you a viable investment option. Your firm will appear credible and therefore will be a more appealing investment than one that may not have the same appearance.   

It gives you disaster management  

The main aim of PR is to always present your firm in the best light possible. However, it can do so much more than this. PR can also help to create a back-up plan that will cover any chances of bad publicity. It creates a solid strategy well before the bad publicity arises. It will limit the damage and help to keep the impact to a minimum.   

As you can see, there are many ways that PR can positively impact your professional services firm. Think about how it can work for you and how it can be combined with marketing to have the maximum impact possible.   

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