Video Marketing Fails

The top 5 video marketing fails

Helen Cox MarketingIt seems that if you are looking for the newest and freshest way to market your business online, then video marketing is the way forward. Whilst the idea of video marketing for your business may seem simple and easy to do, there are some common mistakes that even the most tech savvy companies can make.

To help make sure that you don’t make these same mistakes. I have put together the top errors made when making videos and how you can avoid them!

Not telling a story

Who doesn’t love a good story? Customers definitely do! That means that you should try your very best to tell some kind of story within your videos. Even if you only have a short period of time, make every second work for you and build some kind of emotional connection with those watching.

Trying to make your video marketing too clever

There is a good chance that you are going to overthink any video that you create. After all it is going to be an important way to promote your brand and you are paying a lot of money for it.

But the last thing you are going to do is overthink it. This will likely lead to you making it too clever, a copy of something else, or worst of all, too boring. Try to make it shareable, interesting and something that is easy to watch. That way your message will be easily received and you won’t have to worry about it being misunderstood.

Making it too long

You might have plenty to say in your video, but try to keep it short and sweet. As people, we have very short attention spans, which means that a video that is too long isn’t likely to hold our attention. Make sure that hook is delivered early on, just in case anyone is tempted to click away from your video and miss the main message that you want to portray. Video marketing balances a fine line between engagement and boredom.

From my experience in video marketing and monitoring dropout rates we found that after around 1m50s people stopped watching and went about their day!

Having a video in poor quality

Saving money is important for any company, however, when it comes to making a video. Quality might be the key thing to remember. Think of your video as an investment, and the better quality that it is, then better chance that people will want to do business with you. Failing to adhere to the quality rules could leave you looking like a bit of a dodgy company, and that won’t make people want to come to you!

Leaving out a call to action

Just like any form of marketing, the main point is to make sure that your customers know what they need to do. The same is true for a marketing video. Make sure that you have a clear call to action in there, which matches your main aim, as this will make sure that those watching know what they need to do!  You might want to include an outro to your video that includes the call to action too.

Making a video doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Try to make a video that people will want to watch, that is fun and that gets your message across, and you will have a successful, shareable form of marketing your business

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