Making the most of video content for B2B businesses

Making the most of video content for B2B businesses

Video marketing is a great way to promote your business. Videos are not only eye-catching and noticeable but they are also able to convey emotion and tell a compelling story.

It is for this reason that videos dominate the majority of forms of marketing, especially on social media. Which means that you need to think about how you can make video marketing work for your business.

Use video content to build brand awareness

Creating and posting a video can help build brand awareness by getting you and your business out there more. There is nothing more engaging than getting people interested in your brand and the people behind it. Sometimes showcasing yourself can help increase awareness of who you are and video content is much easier to digest, for instance, than reading a blog.

Share testimonial videos

We all hope that our services or products are going to be able to help our customers out. So, it is great news when you hear that you have managed to achieve what you set out to do. If you have had a customer who has had a great experience, then why not ask them if they would be happy to make a testimonial video? Being able to share this is a great way to show how seriously you take your customer service.

Make a case study video to show how you can help

Much like a client testimonial video, a case study is a story on how you have been able to help your customers. However, it is often presented by you, not them. You should make a video where you present the issue that the customer had, how you helped them to fix this and also the results that you had. It will give a better feel into what you do, rather than just stating your services.

Vlog to educate

When you write a blog for your business website, you are going to be trying to educate those who read it or help them with a problem that they may have. Vlogging is a video form of blogging, so you will need to jump in front of the camera and pretty much present your blog topic. You will be surprised by just how much people engage with this type of post. Plus, if you have been blogging for a long time, creating a vlog would be quite simple.

Give sneak peeks behind the scenes in video content

We all like to think that we are a part of something, even when it comes to who we buy from. This means one type of video that customers will really engage with is when you give a glimpse at the backstage goings-on of your business. Showcase your premises, show your packing.

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