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The power of video content for consulting firms

Helen Cox Marketing Consultant London Kent UKVideo content has been on the rise for a while now. There have been extensive advances in video integration on social media and online giants like Instagram and LinkedIn have been making huge investments in making video prominent elements of their respective platforms. Video content has become the core of all good content marketing plans and all of the major companies are well and truly on board.

Why should you use video content for your consulting firm?

Simply put, video content is the perfect medium for connecting with clients, building the know, like, and trust factors and converting them to happy paying clients.

Recent statistics from Syndacast estimate that video will comprise an astonishing 74% of all internet traffic, and that by simply including the word ‘video’ in a newsletter title you increase your click-through rates by a staggering 65%, while boosting open rates by 19%.

As if that wasn’t incentive enough, unsubscribe rates simultaneously plummet by 26% when video is included in newsletters. Meanwhile, over on Twitter, the tweets with the highest number of retweets are – you guessed it – videos!

Video marketing is now the most powerful form of content marketing. Here’s why…

Helping your consultancy firm with SEO

Video content directly impacts your search rankings in a very positive manner. Search engine algorithms love rich media and videos are about as rich as it gets.

With Google owning YouTube, which runs on nothing but video content, and continually adjusting its algorithms to favour more meaningful content, the rise of video content in SEO is only going to continue to increase in popularity.

Don’t forget that if you are going to use YouTube to host your videos make sure you pull those videos through on to your website too. Potential clients can then view the videos on your website rather than clicking of your site. It’s also worth noting that videos should have a transcription on your webpage too so that Google can read the content of your page. You can use websites such as who can transcribe this for you.

Easy viewing

Even the most avid browser gets tired. Video content is the most easily absorbed form of content, providing interesting, easy viewing for the eyes and simultaneously delivering audio. Videos also feed our incessant need to multi-task, allowing people to watch and listen to one thing while doing something else! I’d also suggest thinking about use sub titles on your videos too for people who might be scrolling in public or not want to put their sound on. Clips is a great app on the iPhone that you can use for free to add subtitles to your consultancy firms video


Video content also has the most potential to go viral, with videos more likely to be shared than any other form of content. This vastly increases the marketing potential and potentially saves you a lot of money in advertising, as organic reach is much more likely.

It’s is a powerful marketing tool that boosts engagement levels, drives signups and traffic, easily conveys information and promotes trust and brand awareness. Given its potential, it’s little wonder the business world is turning to video content above all other forms of media.

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