Video marketing fails

Video marketing fails

Hi everybody. Welcome to my Wednesday wisdom and series. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about video marketing and some of the fails that I’ve seen and what not to do. 

So a lot of people are a little bit apprehensive about doing video marketing, but it’s super important if you want to start to build a relationship and it’s free to post on LinkedIn or Facebook and Instagram. So it’s good to get your face out there and to help start developing relationships with people. 

But what shouldn’t you do? 

When it comes to content keep it short and simple, most videos should be around two to three minutes maximum and try to make them as valuable as possible. So when I used to work in the corporate world, we used to do a lot of video marketing for an accountancy firm that I worked for. And I would always say to the partners, you know, what’s the issue? Why is it important and what should I do next? 

And there were the three key questions I really wanted the partners to have in their head when they were talking about that particular topic. 

Because it’s okay to show that you know a lot about it, but that can be quite complicated for someone who doesn’t quite understand. So if you can keep it down to those three key points, then I think that really helps, gives your video structure and makes it helpful for somebody. 

The other thing to look out for is things like lighting, the way you speak and audio. So do a test run first for maybe 30 seconds just to make sure the lighting’s right. You haven’t got a wonky tie or your necklace isn’t like squiffy. I used to work a law firm and the managing partner had a wonky tie and it just drove me mad.

So it makes sure that you look and look fine and that your, your clothing is all kind of right in the right place. 

Do a test on the audio, make sure there’s no background noise or background sound that’s coming through cause that’s really important and just make sure that when you speak, try to speak a little bit slower. So for me, the way I’m talking on the video now is actually very slow. I’m usually like La, la, la La. 

So I tried to slow things down so people can really understand what I’m saying. So my advice to you would be choose a topic, keep that topic short and sweet and valuable and just make sure that your video can be heard, that you look presentable. And also one of the other things very quickly while I think about it is try not to hold your camera because it kind of wobbles all over the place. I’ve actually got a stand. You can buy them from Amazon for like seven quid. So investing in a stand is really, really helpful as well. 

So I hope that’s given you a little bit of a fire house. Do your video marketing, please let me know how it gets on, how you get on. Cause I’d love to see your videos off the back of this until next week. I hope you found that helpful and bye for now.

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