Sailing through your marketing review for 2022

Sailing through your marketing review for 2022

Helen Cox Marketing Consultant London Kent UKMarketing is a task that many business owners will push down to the bottom of their list. With so many other things to think about and much of your time spent rushing around, the thought of coming up with a marketing plan and then putting it into place can be too much to bear.   

The thing about marketing is that it is much more important than you may realise. Without it, you are not likely to see growth in your business.   

Another essential part of marketing is taking the time out to plan for it. It may mean that you have to take a couple of hours away from your business and ensure that you come up with some ideas. But, in doing this, you will be prepared for your marketing efforts for at least half of the following year.  

We might not be ready to welcome in a new year just yet, but now is as good a time as any to think about how marketing will work for you in 2022 and how you can improve on what happened during 2021.   

Let me help you to put the right plans in place and show you how to sail through your marketing review for 2022.   

Take a look at the year gone by  

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you think about the past year. What marketing plans did you make, and what did you then put into place? Consider what worked and didn’t work, as this will show you the things that you may need to change for the next year and what things are going to work well enough to do them again.   

Look at your target audience

Every business has a target audience to who they are trying to appeal. When you think about your marketing strategy, you need to think about your target audience and what they are looking for. This may be the same as it was for 2021, but with some changes to your brand and new avenues for you to explore, you may also find that your target audience changes too.   

Always set objectives in your marketing review 

As well as looking at the past, you need to think about the future. Consider the first half of 2021. What do you want to achieve? Having an objective in mind gives you focus and can help you decide what things you need to do to reach those goals.   

Consider your budget and your current resources  

Budgets are a key part of your marketing plans, and therefore it is something that you need to look at when you are putting together a strategy for the future. Consider how much you can realistically spend on marketing and then work out how to spend that money.   

At the same time, you need to think about what resources you can use; this may help you with your budget constraints and make sure that you achieve the marketing goals that you hope to achieve.   

Decide how you will get there using your marketing review 

One of the best things about marketing is that it can come in so many different forms. You don’t have to use just one approach or method; you can mix and match as much as you need. Some of the best ideas to try out for marketing includes SEO, blogging, social media posts, email newsletters, sales promotions and a referral network.   

The main thing to remember about marketing is that it might seem like a bit of a chore, but it is always worthwhile doing for your business. It helps you keep going in the right direction and ensure that your business is as successful as it can be in the future.   

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