Pearls of wisdom for your marketing messages

Pearls of wisdom for your marketing messages

One of the most common mistakes that companies make when creating their marketing messages is that they spend too much of their time talking about themselves and not enough time thinking about what their customers might need.  

This means that not only are their marketing messages going to be less effective, but their target customers might not always see your business in a completely positive light. To help make sure that you are communicating in the right way, let’s take a look at some of the basics on how to talk to your customers in your marketing messages.  

Check out the me/you balance

How annoying is it in the real world when someone spends more time speaking about themselves than they do listening to anything that you might have to say?

The same is true when it comes to marketing. One of the most basic things that you can do in your marketing messages is to make sure that you achieve a good me/you balance.

Of course, you are going to want to speak about your company somewhat, otherwise you are never going to be able to promote yourselves, but you should never let that overtake the limelight that your all-important customers get.  

Showcase how your business can help them  

It is great that you are a leader in your industry and it is also fantastic that you have a detailed mission statement, but you know what is the best thing for your customers? That you have a solution to something that they need.

This could be a service or a product.

The trick with marketing is to show just how what you offer can help your target audience, you want them to see that you have a solution and just how it can help. This is much more effective then essentially spending the entire message shouting about how great you are, with nothing to back you up.  

Make sure that they know you are there for them

You want your audience to feel that they can find out more about your business and what it has to offer. So, it makes sense that your marketing messages include information about how they can get in touch. This could be a website, a social media profile or perhaps an email. Whatever it is, if you show them that there is a way that they can get in touch, then there is a much greater chance that they will make an effort.

Marketing might be about promoting you, but ultimately it is also about reaching out to your customers. Get it right and you will reap the benefits, get it wrong and you might be left out in the cold.  

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