Practical steps to finding your niche!

Hi and welcome to my Wednesday wisdom series. I’m back after a week of holidays and it’s got me thinking a little bit more about niching so this might be quite a short video but I thought it’s worth thinking about because its been on my mind for a while.
So alot of people are scared about thinking about how they should niche or should they just go for a particular industry so I don’t know about you but I find it really difficult when I’m in a networking session and someone goes I can work with any SME or startup and I’m just like who is that but if someone asks me for a contact in the health and beauty industry or the travel industry or restaurant and leisure then I can automatically start thinking about who to refer to. Now I’ve been starting to think about myself so I work with a lot of b2b businesses but my specialist interest is law firms solicitor’s accountancy practices and consultancies and I’m really going to start to think about how I can be a bit more specific to them so creating content that’s more relevant to them videos and blogs and that kind of thing.
When I’m talking in networking groups I’m gonna ask specifically for professional services and I’m also going to add pages to my website that tells people that I specifically am interested in working with these industries as well. I think that when you give that insight into who you’re working with in that niche then people start to kind of go oh yeah she works with law firms or that kind of thing. It’s scary to do and not everybody wants to do it and it doesn’t always work with every business but if you can think about niching then definitely do it if you’re not sure why don’t you have a look at all the clients that you brought on over the last year and is there a particular industry that kind of sticks out and you can think yeah actually I’ve got the right experience.
I can talk about this type of industry in a professional way and bring all the more clients in the area so as scary as niching is it might be worth doing it because you can then become a very big fish in a small pool I hope that’s interesting.
I hope that’s helpful or at least got you thinking and until next week.