Navigating Snapchat

Navigating Snapchat

When you think of Snapchat it is likely that you instantly think about floppy dog ears and filters that make you look like a fairy. Of course, these filters are one of the main draws of the platform. However, the truth is that it can offer way more than that.

Social media as a whole is hugely rewarding for businesses of all sizes and types, but Snapchat often gets overlooked.

The idea behind it is that the messages, photos and videos on there are fleeting, they are temporary. Just like our encounters in life. So, what is the value and why should you be investing your time and money into it.

Snapchat appeals to a young and fresh audience

If your target audience is under the age of 24, then it is definitely a social media marketing platform that you should be using. The reason for this is clear. It belongs to those who are young, cool and tech-savvy. In fact, it is thought that the majority of the 166 million users of Snapchat are under 25 years old, which means that you really need to get on top of it.

There are a variety of companies out there who are utilising the power of Snapchat in order to generate interest and a buzz in their brand. Some may be doing this by sharing videos and snaps, some may even sponsor a filter in order for maximum exposure. It really does depend on the size of your business as to how you use it.

Snapchat isn’t suited to every industry

The thing to remember is whilst in the right industry it can work wonders, in the wrong one it can bomb. Understanding whether or not it is a good fit for your audience is the trick. The simplest way to look at this is the age and lifestyle of your target market. If they are over the age of 30, married with a family to take care of, then Snapchat is unlikely to be their thing. Instead, they are going to turn to LinkedIn or perhaps Twitter, which means that they are better bets for you to take. The other thing to keep in mind with Snapchat is that it does not allow you to track or analyse the results that you are achieving.

Which won’t help if you want to try and figure out the ROI of the platform. To boost your brand and appeal to a young audience, there is no harm posting your unique content through Snapchat.

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