That’s where a marketing review can help.

I have been working with businesses of all sizes to help review all of their marketing activity. I find my clients have really appreciated (and dare I say enjoyed!) getting a fresh perspective on their marketing and knowing how to make an impact going forward.

How does the marketing review work?

As part of the marketing review I will spend time asking you as many questions as humanly possible to get a feel for your business.  I want to get a sense of where you are in your marketing journey, what you do, do and what you don’t. I’ll also ask for access to your website, google analytics, email system and social media too – I’m taking a deep dive.

I’ll then spend a couple of weeks researching, collating my thoughts and pulling your review together to review yourself. Once it’s sent out I’ll give you some time to digest and then we’ll have a wrap-up call to make sure you’re completely happy and understand what to do next.

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Do I need a marketing review?

My marketing reviews tend to be for businesses that have been going for some time whether that be five years or twenty! They have their positioning, target audience and messaging sorted so they don’t need a full marketing plan.

But what they do need is someone to come in and take a look at what they have been doing and give them constructive criticism.

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Working with me after the marketing review

After the marketing review it’s completely up to you! I can hand your review over so you can implement it yourself or you can bring me on under one of my marketing manager packages to kickstart your marketing!

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