LinkedIn: Personal vs Company

LinkedIn: Personal vs Company

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is designed with professionals in mind. Whilst it works much like some of the other platforms, it is a place whereby people advertise and find jobs as well as build up their network too.  

The thing is when it comes to creating a profile on LinkedIn, is it better to have a company profile or a personal profile? The best place to start is by looking at the difference between the two.  

What is a company profile?

A company profile is, essentially, all about the company. It should cover what it does, the staff that work there (numbers not names) their specialities and where they are based too. Having a company profile is useful for making sure that potential and existing clients know what your company is up to. Particularly because you should use it to share everything that you are up to as a company.  Here’s the guide from LinkedIn if you are looking at setting your own one up.

The benefits of a LinkedIn company profile

Company profiles are not only great to make sure that you communicate fully with a wide range of people. But you can also make it work for you too. Company profiles have a different range of functions to personal profiles. You can segment your audience and make sure that you only present a message to certain followers. Making it much easier to target what you want to say.  

The important thing to remember about company profiles is that they are an important company voice. They ensure that you can communicate your corporate identity and also ensure that you can communicate across the board.  

What is a personal profile?

A personal LinkedIn profile, is, as the name suggests, a profile about an individual, not the company. When someone reads your personal profile, they should feel that they have met and talked to you face to face.  

A personal profile should cover your experience and skills, both of which can help to ascertain where you are in your in career and where you want to go.  

The benefits of a personal profile

It is no secret that LinkedIn is a great way to keep your clients both existing and potential up to date on what you are getting up to in your career. It also makes things a lot easier when it comes to keeping in touch with your real life network.  

Compared to a company profile, a personal profile is a great way to build up trust and credibility in what you can do on an individual level. You can do this by ensuring that you have plenty of recommendations and endorsement from people. It shows that you can do what you say that you can do.  

You will need to make sure that your profile is current and up to date, as well as posting regular statuses too as this will help to ensure that people stay interested in what you have to offer.  

Personal and company profiles are linked and it is likely that you will need to have both. However, if you only have the ability to have one, then a personal account is definitely going to be your best bet in order to achieve direct results.

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