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Lead Magnets for Law firms

Helen Cox Marketing Legal and B2B Marketing Consultant Kent and LondonOne thing is for sure when it comes to owning and running a law firm. You will want to ensure that your firm grows and succeeds. One of the first things you are likely to do is to ensure that you bring as much traffic as possible to your website. This will help you secure leads and attract new clients.   

Whilst having as much traffic as possible to your website is excellent, it is entirely pointless if they go away again. You want to try your best to transform that traffic into secure leads and then clients that sign up for your services.   

The bad news is that this isn’t always the easiest of things to do. However, just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it is impossible. Let me tell you a secret to help you be as successful as possible.   

Lead magnets.  

But what are lead magnets, I hear you ask, and how can you make them work for your law firm?   

What is a lead magnet?  

The best place to start is by exploring what a lead magnet means. The idea of a lead magnet is that you provide something of value to your target audience. In return, they provide you with some information to contact them (this is usually an email address).  

A lead magnet must be more than just a sales brochure. It has to be something that provides some form of value to the prospective client. Otherwise, why will they be interested in signing up for it?  

The aim of a lead magnet should always be to maximise the number of leads you will get for that one offer, capturing as much attention as possible from those that could then become clients.   

It is more often than not the starting point of a long sales process. Therefore, once you have your feet in the door, in the form of their email address, you can start to nurture them for the future.   

You can build a relationship with them and cultivate trust between a law firm and its clients.   

The main types of law firm lead magnets  

The good news for those looking to create lead magnets for their business is that you can use various types of lead magnets to use to your advantage.   

The most common are PDFs that can be downloaded once the person has entered their contact information onto your website.   

Some of the options open to you as a law firm lead magnet include:  

  • eBooks that cover complicated legal topics
  • How to guides that provide the process and guidance for certain problems that clients may find themselves in
  • Checklists that relate to key processes   
  • Case studies that will showcase common issues and how you have then helped that client (be aware that this should not be too sales pitch based and instead actually present the results)  
  • Webinars that educate on a particular topic  
  • Infographics that can highlight and present essential information taken from studies or surveys  

How to create a strong lead magnet for your law firm  

The next step is to learn more about how you can create a strong lead magnet for your law firm.   

The main point is always to ensure that it answers something or provides value. However, it should be designed, written and presented to ensure that it is easy to read and even easier to understand.   

To help you further, here are some key points to keep in mind when creating a solid lead magnet.   

  • Always focus on a pain point- you want to ensure that someone is interested enough to click on the content you have created. Which means that it should focus on a particular pain point they are likely to have.   
  • Make it solve a problem- you don’t ever want to design a lead magnet to sell your service. Instead, you want to offer something to the end user to help them understand the process as simply and as effectively as possible.   
  • Remember they may only be a small step- whilst your end goal should always be to secure new long-term leads. It is essential to remember that sometimes these lead magnets will only be small wins. They will help them to make their next steps, which hopefully will be with your law firm.   
  • Keep your CTAs clear and your headlines bold- your lead magnet must be as noticeable as possible. This means that you want your headlines to be as bold as possible. The title alone should be enough to grab the attention of those that matter most. Then, once you have got their interest, there should be a straightforward call to action to ensure that they know what their next steps will be.   

The last part of the process regarding your lead magnet is to ensure that you promote it as much as possible. Without promotion, it will be much harder for the lead magnet to do what you want.   

So, no matter which lead magnet you create, I hope it helps you achieve all the success you want for your law firm. And creates a wealth of clients that will be ready and waiting to sign up for your expert services. 

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