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Evaluating the effectiveness of your law firm’s marketing plan 

Planning is key when it comes to marketing. Without a plan, you may end up doing things that simply are not worth the effort, that will not have a return and that is essentially a complete waste of your time.   

Whilst it is great to create a marketing plan, you also need to make sure that these plans that you have are going to be something that will work out for you.   

The best way to do this is to take the time to evaluate your marketing plan. Not only for the way that it is set out but also for how effective it is proving to be too.   

To help you to work out how best to do this, I have put together my guide on evaluating a marketing plan.   

What things can help you to evaluate your marketing plan?  

So, how exactly do you go about evaluating your marketing plan? The good news is that it is easy enough to do when you have the right tools to hand.   

The first is web traffic; this will show you just how much traffic is coming to your website and can be used to then compare this rate of visitors to other times. If you see that the numbers are going up over time, then you know that your marketing efforts are working.   

It is also worth looking at your goals and asking yourself whether or not you have been able to achieve what you set out to do. If you haven’t yet, but you are nearly there, then you know that you are moving in the right direction, however, if you are far away from what you want to do, then you may want to think about whether it is the right approach for you.  

As well as looking at the number of leads that you are getting thanks to your marketing ideas, you should also think about the quality of these leads. Are they proving to be worthwhile following up? If they are not then perhaps something is going wrong before they make their way to you. 

You should also consider your return on your investment. Think about the money that you are spending on marketing your law firm, then compare it to what you are bringing back, if the figures don’t seem to add up then there needs to be a change.   

Make changes  

Once you have spent time looking at your marketing efforts and seeing whether or not they correlate to the plan that you have put forward. Then comes the time to consider what changes you may need to make.  

You may want to think about the campaigns that you create, as well as the content that you are producing for your law firm. You will also want to think about how you can make sure that the campaigns that should work, do work.   

It can be hard to always know which are the best changes to make, but when you have taken a look at your marketing plan stage by stage, you will be able to consider your options and think about where you want your marketing efforts to take you in the future.   

You may be lucky and have a marketing plan that is sound and that is ready to go, or you may have one that needs a few adjustments to make it work for you. The main thing to remember is that without taking the time to analyse and assess it, you will never be able to make those key changes.  

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