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How to put the human into your law firm’s marketing strategy 

We, as humans, feel the need to connect with other humans in the world. Whether this is on a personal level in the relationships that we deliver or in the business relationships that we use to buy products or services, having a person, a human, on the other end of things, will make it much easier for us all to manage.   

Law firm’s are just one of the professional services that will benefit from ensuring that they bring a little touch of humanity to what they do on a day-to-day basis. This is especially true since much of what they do is helping and supporting those facing stressful or difficult situations in their lives.   

So, with this in mind, if you want to bring a bit more human to your law firm, here are some of the best things for you to try.   

Always be honest and open and admit when things go wrong  

Even the best of us can get things bad from time to time. When it comes to encouraging potential clients to choose you over other law firm’s, those clients will know when you need to tell the truth or you have made a mistake.  

Rather than covering any errors you may have made, it is always best to be open and honest. Admit that you have made a mistake and show that you are taking steps to rectify it. The main reason for this is because it acknowledges that you are human (as all humans make mistakes) and that you can recognise this.   

Simply by showcasing that you sometimes get it wrong, you will have a more powerful marketing tool than you may realise.   

Be natural  

It is a common mistake to think that anything you post online must ensure that everyone around you knows that you are an expert in your particular area of law. Of course, it is suitable for your potential clients to feel that you know what you are talking about, but this should not mean that they then feel entirely lost.   

The best way to try and appear human is to ensure that your language is as natural and easy to understand as possible. When you talk this way, you will ensure that those around you know and relate to you and your law firm. Then, they will want to go to you when they need help. 

Of course, as with many things in business, this is all about a delicate balancing act. Whilst you want to stick to as much natural language as possible, you don’t want to appear too informal when posting things online. This may give your law firm an air of not being exceptionally professional.   

Know how to work emails to your advantage for your law firm 

Email has been used for marketing for a long time. Whilst you may worry that it is becoming outdated, the opposite is true; emails are still valuable for promotion, mainly if you use them correctly.   

When you assemble your email strategy, it is always worth ensuring that you present yourself personably. Send emails from actual people in your firm (rather than an over-arching marketing email address).  

Whilst they may not send the emails themselves, simply by using their name, you bring something natural to your marketing.   

Tell stories to bring in some emotion for your law firm  

Stories are the best way to bring a feeling or emotion to what the person is reading. By this, I don’t necessarily mean that you tell a story from a book but create a story with the content you share.   

It is one thing to post a blog online, but if you can make sure that it is personable and has some personality, then it is likely to have the impact you want. 

The good news is that you can find many ways when you want to tell a story about your business and create emotion. The best is to highlight more about the values behind your business, as they may resonate with the type of people you are hoping to appeal to.   

Promote your staff members  

To get a sense of personality from your law firm, showing a snippet of those working behind the scenes is a great idea. Showcase their skills and attributes on as many platforms as possible, be this your website, social media or anything else you use to market your law firm.   

The reason to do this is two-fold. First, it helps show that you care and value your employees. You want to share who they are and what they do and let everyone know they work for you. This will put you in a positive light with your potential clients and help them see you as a law firm they can trust.   

Another reason to promote your staff members is that it puts a human face to your brand. They will know who they are speaking to when they speak to them, which will help them to connect with them.   

Make a feature of your natural life clients   

Following on from the above point, people love to know about people. Another helpful way to bring a human touch to your marketing strategy is to include people. You have already seen that featuring your staff can be incredibly useful. However, you can take this one step further and make it a feature of your real-life clients.  

These clients have already chosen your service (and have seen the benefit of choosing you over others). If they have had a positive experience with your law firm, they are likely more than happy to share this experience with others considering your law firm.   

If they share their positive feedback, this will show your new, potential clients that you can be trusted and will help push them towards signing up with you. Even better, if you can reply to or acknowledge the feedback that you received, this will show that you take on board the thoughts and opinions of those who have chosen you as their law firm.   

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