The ESG impact on marketing

Niching for a boutique accountancy firm

I was brought in to work with a boutique accountancy firm. They had no marketing in place and were looking to work with an Interim Head of Marketing to help create a marketing plan to ensure consistency and persistence with their marketing as well as brand awareness.

They were also aware that their website needed a refresh in line with the new business direction of the firm and the managing partner fully admitted that they had no time or inclination to run this project as it wasn’t their area of expertise.

Kicking off the marketing plan

To kick start their marketing plan I went to their offices and sat down with the managing partner and senior partner to conduct a deep dive into their business. I was able to quite quickly establish that they needed to move away from being a general accountancy firm and start niching in the key areas that they were already working in.

As part of their marketing plan, I looked at all their marketing and business development activities holistically to determine which activities would have the most impact in terms of building brand awareness and bringing in more leads.

It’s all about the niching

After I had written the plan, I sat down with the team again to go through the marketing plan to see if they had any questions. The main point was to discuss with the team about niching the practice and to see how the other partners felt about moving in this direction.

Marketing plans can pull out business challenges

Marketing planning can often bring out business challenges that need to be addressed and it was very clear from their book of work that they specialized in selected industries but didn’t mention them at all on any of their marketing channels. I am a data-driven marketer and if the stats are supporting their move to niching then it’s imperative that I made the business aware that this would be the next step to take.

What next?

After the plan was written my next point of call was to look at the website. The project has paused at the date of writing this case study with a view to picking this up in a couple of months’ time due to work commitments and business priorities. I am really looking forward to managing a brand refresh and implementing my marketing recommendations when the team is ready!

I’ve completed a high-level review and my first impressions are it’s comprehensive, interesting and along the lines of what I could have hoped for

Managing Partner