Helen Cox Marketing Consultant Kent and London

Elevating a Boutique Competition Law Firm’s Marketing and Business Development Strategies

Client Background:

My client was a boutique competition law firm with a well-respected and experienced team. As the firm had grown, there was a strategic imperative to invest more time and effort into marketing and business development (BD) activities. The goal was not only to enhance the firm’s overall market presence but also to elevate the personal brands of individual team members, ultimately reducing reliance on tha managing partner who was the main rainmaker.

Client Objectives: The firm approached me with a clear set of business and marketing goals:

  1. Marketing and BD Expertise: They were looking for a legal marketing expert to review and provide recommendations for their marketing and BD activities.
  2. Individual Branding: They wanted to raise the personal brands of team members, distributing the responsibility for business development beyond a single individual.
  3. Outsourced Support: The firm wanted to utilise their junior marketing resource. This meant I would have to work closely with them providing them with the knowledge and experience necessary to run a comprehensive marketing plan for the entire firm and collaborate with partners on their BD and personal branding initiatives.

Proposed Solution: I proposed a comprehensive approach that involved two main phases:

  1. Marketing Review by a Consultant:
    • Conducting a thorough marketing review was identified as the first step. I worked closely with the firm to understand their current strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
    • I was able to conduct an in-depth analysis, identifying gaps, potential opportunities, and providing actionable recommendations for the firm to take forward.
  2. Outsourced Retainer for Continuous Support:
    • Following the marketing review, the firm opted for an ongoing outsourced retainer model to support their junior resource.
    • This retainer included:
      • Implementing Recommendations: I worked with the marketing resource to implement the recommendations from the marketing review, ensuring a seamless transition from analysis to action.
      • Developing an Ongoing Marketing Strategy: I tailored a marketing plan that was crafted to align with the firm’s long-term goals. This involved identifying key channels, messaging, and KPIs to measure success.
      • Individual Business Development Plans: I collaborated with partners to create personalised business development plans, emphasising their unique strengths and market positioning.

Results: Through the collaborative and engaged efforts of the firm supported by my marketing expertise we were able to:

  1. Enhance their Marketing Strategy: The firm now operates with a refined marketing strategy, leveraging targeted channels and messaging to amplify their brand awareness.
  2. Empower their marketing resource: They have now been equipped with the knowledge and skills to independently manage and execute the marketing plan, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient process.
  3. Distribute Business Development Responsibility: The partners now have individualised business development plans, reducing the burden on a single rainmaker and fostering a culture of collective business growth.
  4. Start reporting on marketing metrics: Key performance indicators (KPIs) were established to measure the success of the ongoing marketing and BD initiatives, ensuring a data-driven approach for continuous improvement.

By combining a one-time marketing review with ongoing support, our tailored approach not only addressed immediate needs but also laid the foundation for sustained growth and success for our client, positioning them as a formidable force in the competitive legal landscape.

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