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Charting the Course to Marketing Success at a Mortgage Firm

The Managing Director of a Mortgage Company recognised the need for a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance the company’s brand presence and reach in a competitive market. To address this, they decided that they wanted to bring in a marketing expert to lead the initiative.

Phase 1: Crafting a Robust Marketing Plan


My primary goal was to enable the marketing team to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that would encompass both digital and offline strategies, incorporating client feedback and evaluating the success of existing marketing initiatives to date.


Market Research: Conducted in-depth market research to understand industry trends, competitor strategies, and potential opportunities for XYZ Mortgage Company.

Client Surveys: Initiated client surveys to gather valuable insights, preferences, and feedback, ensuring the plan would resonate with the target audience.

Digital Marketing Analysis: Examined the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts, focusing on the website’s SEO performance and the success of events.

Offline Marketing Evaluation: Assessed the impact of offline marketing activities, with special emphasis on events attended by the company.


A comprehensive marketing plan that integrated insights from market research, client feedback, and a thorough analysis of both digital and offline marketing efforts. The plan provided a strategic roadmap for the Mortgage Company to enhance its brand presence and engage with its target audience effectively.

Phase 2: Recruitment of a Digital Marketing Executive


To enhance the company’s digital marketing capabilities, the next step involved recruiting a skilled Digital Marketing Executive to help lead and develop these activities for the firm. It was a skill gap that the firm had and needed to be filled with a competent expert.


Job Description Development: I worked with the marketing team to create a compelling job description that outlined the required skills and responsibilities for the Digital Marketing Executive role.

Interview Process: I was involved in first-stage interviews to assess candidates, ensuring they possessed the skills and expertise needed to execute the digital marketing strategies outlined in the newly developed plan.


A successful recruitment process that resulted in the hiring of a qualified Digital Marketing Executive, aligned with the company’s goals and objectives.

Phase 3: Rebranding Management


The final phase I was brought into to help with involved a strategic rebranding initiative to give the  Mortgage Company a fresh and modern identity.


Project Management: Led the rebranding project, coordinating with internal teams and external agencies to ensure a seamless process.

Budget Oversight: Carefully managed the budget, preventing unnecessary expenses by challenging scope changes that were not aligned with the project’s original objectives.

Quality Assurance: Conducted rigorous testing of the new brand look and feel, and the redesigned website, ensuring 100% accuracy before the official launch.


A successful rebranding initiative that revitalised the Mortgage Company’s image, saving costs and ensuring the brand’s consistency across all touchpoints.


Through a collaborative and strategic approach, the marketing consultancy that I provided played a pivotal role in transforming the Mortgage Company’s marketing initiatives. From the development of a robust marketing plan to the recruitment of a Digital Marketing Executive and the successful management of a rebranding project, the outcomes showcased the value of expert guidance in navigating the complex landscape of marketing and branding.

The Mortgage Company is now well-positioned for sustained growth and increased market share in the mortgage industry.

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