Pinpointing your perfect customer

Messaging and Positioning for an SaaS Client Feedback Tool

I was approached by the owner of an online feedback service aimed at B2B businesses and professional services. They had been trying to deal with their marketing as well as their clients and managing the business. The online feedback industry is quite cut-throat and moves fast and they felt they couldn’t keep pace on their own

They needed some marketing guidance and expertise. They also got in touch with me specifically because of my experience in professional services which was the business’s target market.

Outsourced marketing online

The business brought me on as an outsourced marketing manager. They didn’t want a marketing plan first. This was absolutely fine. I don’t always have to write the plan first and can usually hit the ground running!

Perfecting the pitch

My first point of call was to take a look at the main pitch deck and marketing material that the business used for its clients. It was wordy, visually uninspiring so I got to work. I worked with the owner to make the messaging crisper and punchier, I also looked through the presentation and focused on the client benefits of using the system rather than the features too. If it’s their main sales deck then it needs to be the best it possibly can.

Joining the dots

After we signed the deck off, we then used this as a core messaging document for the whole business and updated social media profiles, went through the whole website and changed the positioning. We also changed the homepage and added a video to support all the key points we wanted to get across. There is no point in doing any marketing until these key areas were buttoned down and joined up.

Back to basics

Once we had the basics in place – I then went into systems mode and have been setting up the basic strategies for blogging, social media and email marketing. At this point, the retainer contract that I am on is still on-going but we are finding that we are making some in-roads using LinkedIn and will be launching an email campaign to test reactions to subject lines and messaging. We are also taking a look at pricing strategy too in comparison to competitors and seeing what packages work best with our audience.