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A Marketing Review for an International Recruitment Agency

I was referred by one of my clients to a COO of international recruitment agency that looked at placing c-suite level positions in banks. They didn’t have a marketing team in place and the COO and office manager were often left to take on the marketing activities.

I was asked to conduct a marketing review of the firm to understand what they were doing well, not so well and how they could improve their marketing.

Asking questions

I spent time with the COO asking as many questions as I could about their marketing activity to gain a real insight into their business. I was then able to go and conduct my review. I asked for information from them such as google analytics information, their email marketing and social media logins, brand guidelines, templates…. Anything they had that would allow me to really get under the skin of their marketing.

Comprehensive marketing review

My review was comprehensive and looked at what their competitors were doing, how they may want to consider restructuring their website, email templates, their social media strategy and how they could create an on-going thought leadership strategy to position themselves as experts.

Getting their marketing ducks in a row

I was then brought in to help manage the marketing for the agency and implement all of the suggestions that I had made. I really enjoy this sort of work where I can come in, see what’s going on and then work with the business to get their marketing ducks in a row.