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Marketing Planning for a Health and Social Care Organisation

A while back I was approached by the MD of a Health and Social Care organisation. They had just branched out from the council and they had no marketing. None at all. I was bought on by the MD to write their marketing plan for them, help them get their website produced and be their marketing manager.

Getting to know the business

I spent a good afternoon talking to the MD to find out more about their business. I don’t usually tend to work with these types of organisation but I found them fascinating. They deal with the deaf, blind and deafblind and well as community equipment and wheelchairs for their local community.


Initially, my scope was to help get the website project up and running. And it’s been a challenge for me personally. We have had to consider lots of different elements to it which I wouldn’t have usually thought of. Certain colours are hard to read on screen for people with sight impairments, we have had to work with an organisation to sign web pages as well as having the options of text to speech on the website and the ability to increase the font size.

It’s been a very long project but the website is due to go live very shortly. I’m very proactive and try to push things through so for me all of my pushing to get things done have paid off.

I know we have only just started on this journey but your support and pace has really made an impact to our momentum of positive business change!

Mathew Sheehan, Managing Director, Enabled Living Healthcare

Where we’re going next

I’ve been working with this particular organisation now for over a year as their marketing manager and will now be sitting down with the business heads of the community equipment, sensory team, and wheelchair sections to help develop individual marketing plans for them as it’s been sporadic to date!

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