Marketing Accountancy Practice Marketing Consultant Helen Cox

Marketing for a Specialist Accountancy Firm

I have had the pleasure of working with a specialist accountancy firm based in London. The CEO approached me as he was struggling with his marketing and didn’t understand what he should or shouldn’t be doing. He also wanted someone that he could rely on for advice when it came to marketing his business.

Plan and Action!

I undertook writing a marketing plan for his firm. I always find that writing a plan is essential. It gives me the opportunity to ask deeper questions about the business and really understand what their goals are. After writing the plan and reviewing their existing marketing activity it was time for me to get to work as their marketing manager. I needed to start doing the work!

Websites, collateral and branding

As part of the plan, I wanted to update their website with new copy and new site map so that it made more sense to the client and for SEO purposes. I like to take the pain out of marketing activities and always say to my clients that they will only see something once I am happy with it. When it came to the website, I worked hard with the client’s design agency to make all the changes, copy updates and site nav updates needed before my client even saw it. The idea is for my client to sign things off rather than getting into the nitty gritty!

We also took the same approach to create brand guidelines for the client, updating his core brochures as well as working quickly to produce an on-brand presentation to one of his most valued clients in quick time. One of the biggest issues that this particular client faced was brand inconsistency across web and print and it was great to see all the design work finally coming together.

Offering Advice

Whilst all this activity was happening my client also asked me to put a campaign together to target solicitors and also asked me to come up with a follow-up strategy after his BD team had given presentations to prospective clients. I’m not just there to implement the plan but to work on upcoming campaigns and offer advice too.

I’m looking forward to working with this client on their up and coming campaigns and to start monitoring the value of these to the business.