Helen Cox Marketing Consultant Kent and London

Strategic Marketing and Business Development Initiative for Family Law Excellence

Embarking on a dynamic venture with a distinguished boutique firm nestled in the heart of Mayfair, my journey unfolded when a valued contact introduced me to the newly appointed Head of Family. Aiming for innovation and growth, the Partner sought to create a marketing and business development plan for the Family service line, positioning it as a beacon for inquiries.

Elevating Standards, Expanding Horizons

With an elevated hourly rate and a clientele not aligning with the new fee structure, the challenge was clear. Our mission: extend the reach into the high-net worth individuals market. Recognising the need for strategic evolution, we delved into a comprehensive analysis of past marketing activities and charted a course towards a refined approach to capture the attention of a more affluent audience.

Unveiling the Blueprint

Seated with the Head of Family Law, I explored their existing marketing and business development activities. Our mandate was to craft recommendations that not only enhanced their current practices but also positioned them strategically to allure the coveted high-net-worth clientele.

Strategic Foci: Brand Amplification and Precision Tracking

The cornerstone of our plan lay in elevating the partner’s brand awareness within the new firm and implementing robust tracking mechanisms. Our strategy sought to keep a vigilant eye on contacts and potential client opportunities, ensuring a proactive and responsive engagement approach.

Transformative Recommendations

Our recommendations spanned a spectrum of transformative actions, including updating SEO content, introducing intuitive discovery call buttons, optimizing pages for SEO, and curating regular, insightful content on Family Law’s trending topics—content strategically poised for dissemination through social media and email marketing channels.

The Game-Changer: A Swift Triumph

In a testament to the power of strategic adjustments, one standout success was the integration of a “Book a Free Consultation” button on the website, facilitated through calendly. This seemingly small tweak resulted in an immediate triumph, with a new client reaching out and booking a call promptly. It’s a testament to the philosophy that sometimes, the most significant victories emerge from the subtlest of changes.

In the realm of Family Law, our strategic approach not only met but exceeded expectations, underscoring the adage that in the world of business development, precision and innovation often yield the most substantial outcomes.