Case Study Campaign Management

Campaign Management for an Office Management Consultancy

I was approached by an outsourced office management consultancy to help design and implement a campaign to launch their new online platform for office managers.

How I kickstarted the process

I really needed to get a feel for the purpose of the campaign and what the objectives were. There were two key areas to focus on:

  1. Brand awareness of the platform
  2. Getting people to the launch event of the platform.

I went through a robust planning session with my client to understand exactly what she needed and what success looked like for her. We needed to make a splash.

And then what happened?

I created a channel and content plan that we could use to launch the new service and project managed this through to completion. I was very lucky as my client already had some great statistics and information that we were able to develop into infographics and a series of videos to help position the platform. The content was also there for people to understand why the platform was developed, why people wanted it and what it was all about. This content made great fodder for our social media, email campaigns and for our lovely new brochure all of which I helped to write and implement for my client.

Not only that I was able to introduce my client to a PR Consultant who was able to secure coverage in the press too – all adding the credibility of the online platform and the expertise of my client.

We also needed to get people attending the launch event and I wrote, edited and implemented an email campaign that my client was able to sign off and I helped nurture her contacts to RSVP. I also implemented a LinkedIn advertising campaign that worked wonders and meant that we hit our 130 RSVPs within 2 weeks of going live!

She’s made it really easy to ensure our marketing is out there, on the platforms we need to be on – scheduling SM posts, making me stick to a marketing plan and now we’re heading into a whole new strategy – can’t wait!

Hana Gray, Director, Black & White Office Consultancy

Where we are going now

The launch campaign was a success and created a significant buzz. Since then I have been taken on to plan and create my client’s campaign for her post-launch strategy and it is one of the most in-depth structured plans I have produced to date.

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