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A new marketing strategy and direction for a quantity surveying firm

I’ve recently worked with a quantity surveying firm that contacted me for help with their marketing planning. After speaking to the client, it became clear that they were looking at moving away from their project consultancy work and wanted to focus solely on quantity surveying. This meant that they needed a new marketing strategy and plan to support their new business goals.

The marketing planning session

I came in and met the team at their offices where we went through a robust marketing questionnaire. All in all I think it took about 4 hours. The questions looked at what my client’s business goals were, who they were targeting, the key messages that they wanted to get across as well as what marketing and business development activity they had done to date.

I find these sessions so useful as it helps me to build up a picture of what is and isn’t working.

Identifying the marketing challenges

From this session, I was quickly able to establish that a new website and refresh was needed in order to support the future focus of the business. I also identified some key issues with their business development processes and how they could follow up in a smarter and more efficient way to ensure more business could be won.

Amongst the above we looked at other marketing activities that would help them with the business goals such as an SEO and content strategy, social media marketing and account management.

When I write a marketing plan each business is different in terms of what they need so I always bespoke the plan to them so they know exactly what they should be doing.

Implementing the marketing plan

After I delivered the marketing plan to the firm we then sat down and went through a debrief session so that I could answer any questions that they might have. I also talked the plan through with their new marketing assistant to make sure that she was able to implement key elements of the plan. It’s such an important session as a lot of work and effort has gone into the plan and I always want to make sure that it can be implemented properly.

We found Helen to be very personable, very good at mediating our in-house discussions about our company’s marketing plans and very clear in what resource we needed to achieve our targets.