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Attracting Excellence: Recruitment Marketing Strategies for Professional Service Firms

You may think that professional service firms only need to think about marketing when it comes to securing new clients. However, this is not the case. As well as attracting brand new clients to your firm, for you to be truly successful you also need to attract the very best talent too.   

This means that as well as creating marketing strategies for clients, you also need to create them for recruiting new staff.   

It can be hard to know exactly the best way to attract excellence, but it is truly possible. You just need to know the best ways to approach it.   

Recognise your values and don’t be afraid to share them  

To truly fit in with your firm, a potential new starter must share values that align with yours. But how can they determine if you are the right fit for them without knowing those values?  

It is vital that you as a firm can recognise what values you have and then never be afraid to share them. This will ensure that the talent that you want to appeal to, can see what makes you different from others out there in the industry (and could be just what you need to seal the deal).   

Showcase your recruitment marketing materials  

Recruitment marketing materials come in the form of what professional service firms do, which can tempt talented potential candidates to work with you. This cannot be the same marketing materials as what you put out there for clients, as the messages that you are trying to get out there are very different.   

With recruitment marketing, you are showcasing what you as a firm can offer those who work with you. You are going to be able to show what professional development looks like in your firm and what career progression can look like with you.   

Make sure that your online brand is well-managed  

Whilst the way that you are perceived online should not be the only way that you are judged as a professional service firm, it is always a part of it. Your online brand allows potential new talent to perceive your presence on a larger scale and, of course, assess your alignment with modern methods and technology. 

As well as this, your online brand will show some of the reviews that you get as a professional service firm and whilst there can, at times, be bad reviews, they are going to want to look at the positive ones too.   

Not only this, but potential new employees to your firm are going to be looking at how you communicate with those clients, both with good and bad feedback and the messages that you put out there into the virtual world.   

Build a powerful network  

Utilise social media   

One of the most powerful tools when it comes to promoting your firm to talent is social media. The most formal and in turn the most professional social media platform that you can use to promote your firm is LinkedIn.   

That said, other social media platforms are less formal, but can be just as useful for you as a firm. Whilst LinkedIn will tempt those professionals to learn more about you, it is the less formal social media platforms that will show who you are and give a more human touch to your firm.   

Share your positive reviews  

If you are offering your service properly, then you should be receiving positive reviews from your clients about the service that you provide and the experience that they have had. These positive reviews are something to be proud of, therefore, you should share these as much as you can.   

Of course, this will be a good way to market yourself to your clients, but it also shows the potential talent that you are a firm that takes customer service seriously and that you are proving to be successful with what you have to offer.   

Think about the benefits you can offer  

The money that you earn in a job role is a key part of deciding whether or not you want to work there. However, there is more to where you work than how much they are going to pay you. There are a variety of other benefits that a firm can offer their staff and that will appeal to that top talent.   

These things will include working from home (at least some of the working week), a flexible approach to working and an environment that is positive and encourages staff members to achieve a work/life balance as much as they can. All of these things will help to make you even more appealing.   

Encouraging top talent to apply for positions in your professional service firm is one of the ways that you are going to help your brand grow. This means that you are going to make sure that you try to make recruitment marketing work for you and your firm.   

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