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Future Focus for Professional Service Firms: Marketing Strategies for 2024

A brand new year is almost here, which means that it is time to think about what plans you may want to put in place for 2024 and the future of your business. Marketing is a key part of boosting your brand and getting yourself noticed and it can be hard to get to grips with. Especially as things seem to grow and change over time.   

To get you ready for the next 12 months and hopefully end 2024 on a high, I have put together some of the key marketing strategies for 2024.   

Optimise for voice searches  

Voice-activated devices have become more common in homes, which means that how people search for things has changed. As with many of the things that change in marketing, this switch to voice searches means that you also need to think about how those potential clients are going to find you and access your content too. The main thing to focus on when it comes to voice search is that your content is going to align with the idea that queries and searches will be conversational in their tone.   

Video will still rule for marketing  

Videos have experienced significant growth over the past couple of years, and it appears that this trend will continue. Video content, especially on social media, delivers information in short bursts that people can easily watch and digest. That said, this doesn’t mean that you should discount longer videos completely, as these can be something that your audience enjoys watching too.   

Using AI chatbots in marketing  

AI chatbots have become more intelligent over time and it has become even harder for people to notice the difference between a human being and a chatbot at the other end of their queries. With these huge advancements, it makes sense to utilise chatbots for your marketing and client journey queries. They can provide on-the-spot support, answer simple queries and even help your clients as they move through their purchase journey.   

Be sustainable  

Whilst sustainability doesn’t necessarily relate directly to marketing your brand, showing your potential audience that you are focused on being sustainable is a great way to encourage interest in who you are. It also helps you to build meaningful relationships with potential clients, especially those who are looking for a brand that cares about the world around us.   

Be personal but on a wider scale   

Creating a personalised touch is something that you should already be doing with your brand, but in 2024 this needs to be on a much wider scale. This may seem impossible to implement, but the good news is that AI is going to prove to be a helpful tool for this. AI can help you to drive forward your personalised marketing, ensuring that clients feel loyal to your brand and engage with it too.   

Encourage peer influencing  

It is safe to say that those people who are your clients are likely to be similar in some ways to others who you may want to be your clients in the future. This means that you should try and utilise their influence as much as possible. Find ways to encourage your clients to share information and content that relates to you as a brand on their social media platforms. Not only will this help you to broaden your reach, but it will also help your current clients feel that they are a valid part of your brand and that you value their input.   

Create urgency in your marketing 

Creating time-limited content is a great way to bring a sense of urgency to what you are trying to say. Stories do run out after 24 hours, which means that your potential audience is going to be encouraged to view it sooner rather than later. The same is true for content that you have shared that needs immediate action, such as a limited special offer for a certain number of clients.   

Find out more about the new version of SEO  

In 2024 SEO is likely to see a resurgence, albeit in a whole new way. Google is always evolving its algorithms, which means that the way that SEO works for you is going to change too. Whilst you may find it hard to be a master in SEO, it is always good to try and learn as much as you can about what SEO is going to look like in the future.   

Connect with influencers  

It may seem like the idea of teaming up with influencers has already had its popularity surge, but it seems like this is something that is on the increase. Influencers are a useful way to bring new clients and clients to your brand and showcase what you can do to a whole new network of people. You just need to be mindful about who you choose and whether or not they are going to be the right for your brand message, voice and vision.   

Create trust with data privacy  

There has been a huge drive towards making sure that data is protected over the past few years and this now means that if you want to be a business that your clients trust, then you need to show that you are up to date with data privacy rules and regulations. Not only this, but you also need to find a way to prove that you prioritise security and data protection, which will help your audience to feel that they are safe with you.  

Focus on locations in your marketing  

No matter where you are in the UK or the world, it is always a good idea to try and geo-target your marketing efforts if you can. When you tailor content that suits one particular area, you are going to find it much easier to personalise the marketing that you are sending out there and personalise the connection that you have with your particular audience.   

Use AR in a new way  

AR is not a new thing, but what is new is how it can work for you. Augmented Reality is now able to offer immersive experiences to consumers. This means that brands can then help clients to visualise products and to help make the buying decision process even easier for them.   

You may not be able to make all of these approaches work for you in one year, but, what you can do is try and see if some of them help you to see some increased success during 2024.    

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