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Helen Cox Marketing Consultant London Kent UKYou may have heard the term ‘growth hacking’ before; it has been increasingly popular as a means to quick success for businesses for some time now. But does it really work? As with many marketing quick fixes, the answer is both yes and no.

What is growth hacking?

Unlike what some may have you believe, growth hacking actually involves a substantial amount of work. However, when done correctly, growth hacking can lead to more rapid growth than other forms of marketing. Growth hackers develop a process for acquiring new customers and engaging these customers online through combining traditional marketing tactics with analytics and product/service development.

Essentially, growth hackers focus on serving their users, visitors and customers, developing products and pages specifically targeting them. While this might seem simple, expert growth hackers seek to truly understand what users want, track trends and identify patterns in customer behaviour to really grow your business.

How can I use growth hacking to grow my business?

  1. Essentially, you need to know your customers. The first place to start is to analyse the data. Who are your most active users? What encourages them to engage? What are your most popular pages and products? Looking at the data behind your current successes will allow you to build on these successes and develop a strategy to serve users more attractive content and products. The best way to do this is to probably take a look at your Google Analytics account this will give you data on what pages are the most popular on your website, which will help you to define a strategy going forward.
  2. In order to continue to serve these engaged users and attract more, you will want to ensure you continue to provide the type of social posts your users enjoy and engage with. After analysing the kind of content your users like, where they like to hang out (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.) you may wish to use social media marketing tools to ensure your posts are consistent, and posted at optimum times for your users. Again all social media channels now offer interesting insights into what content is working well – it’s good to keep an eye on these especially the most engaging content as this will allow you to focus on your posts more.
  3. You will also want to create SEO focused landing pages to attract the kinds of users that engage with your products or service. Again, this will involve analysing both your own data and also using analytics to find out what the popular search terms surrounding your products are. This will allow you to create custom landing pages for your customers, and can even help you develop content and products which are best suited to your audience.

These are just some of the ways in which growth hacking can help your business prosper, but growth hackers are developing new methods every day. Analytics, SEO and social media marketing trends change quickly, and growth hackers and businesses need to stay ahead of the game to make sure they offer the right services to their clients.

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