Using marketing automation strategies to grow your law firm

Using marketing automation strategies to grow your law firm

Helen Cox Marketing Consultant London Kent UKLaw firm marketing takes time and effort; there are lots of things to remember to do and lots of key points in the process to ensure that you get it right. Of course, you can follow a set process and ensure that you get things right as you go, but wouldn’t it make more sense to automate things as much as possible.

There are already many ways to automate business processes to make things easier. However, the same doesn’t seem to be said for marketing. But marketing can be automated with ease, and several aspects of marketing can benefit from this approach.   

Want to know how you can automate your marketing strategies for your law firm? Here are some of the key ways to keep in mind.   

Marketing automation  

Automating your marketing efforts can ensure that the entire process will work the best that it can. Not only will this impact the outgoing marketing efforts you are going to make for your law firm, but it will also impact the marketing that comes inward. Therefore, you will want to find a way to automate marketing so that it works for you and your audience. 

Some of the main ways that you can try and do this are to:   

  • Schedule social media messages  
  • Ensure that you unlock content based on set actions   
  • Routing qualified leads between apps   
  • Notifying staff members when leads need to be acted on   

The main thing to consider when it comes to marketing automation is to ensure that every stage of the marketing process is as streamlined as possible.   

Email marketing   

One of the most common ways law firms can automate their marketing is with their email marketing. There are many ways that you can do this. However, much of it will be impacted by the email provider you use and the types of emails you want to send.   

You can automate your email marketing by:  

  • Looking at key demographics, criteria or behaviours and then segmenting them  
  • Ensuring that certain emails are sent when key actions are performed  
  • Sending out emails as part of a wider email strategy at set times   
  • Responding to those who have filled out forms with relevant content
  • Testing content that has been sent   
  • Personalising the emails that you send out  

Client care automation at your law firm  

Whilst you want to maximise your sales and the interest in your law firm. You also need to ensure that you take care of those people who do become clients thanks to your marketing efforts. Marketing doesn’t stop when someone decides to go with your law firm; in fact, this is just another key part of the process.  

You want your clients to be impressed with the service you have provided and feel that they have been taken care of. Chatbots and AI are excellent ways to ensure that your clients get quick answers to their enquiries. However, they should never replace the real thing, of course. This is especially true when the queries or questions are trickier to answer.   

The happier that your clients are with what you have done for them and the service they have received. The more likely they will be to recommend you to others who need your services.  

Sales automation   

When you automate your sales, the main focus is on the conversion rates of your clients. You want to ensure that when they show an interest in knowing more about your law firm, they will be able to get the answers that they want/need and that they feel that you have taken action as soon as possible.   

Sales automation will streamline the sales process and ensure that you can see the most significant push in your sales. In turn, the success of your business.   

You can try out sales automation by looking at calendar management and focusing on sales-ready leads. You can also ensure that any apps, platforms, programmes, or software you use to monitor, track, and resolve any sales queries work together to create a cohesive process.   

Management automation for your law firm  

To help your law firm grow, you will need to be able to free up your time, spreading it out in other places and parts of your firm.   

This means that whilst management automation isn’t strictly a form of marketing. It can help you focus your time and efforts elsewhere, particularly on how to grow your law firm. There are several ways to make management more accessible, such as using apps or platforms that encourage collaborative working and a focus on coming together to get a job done.   

Automation is something that we should never shy away from when it comes to law firms and businesses. It can help to ensure that our time is well-spent and that we are focused on what we need to do to succeed rather than trying to play catch up all the time.   


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