The tricky business of growing your firms YouTube subscribers

The tricky business of growing your firms YouTube subscribers

Helen Cox Marketing Consultant London Kent UKIf you are yet to branch out into the world of YouTube and video content, then it is about time that you tried it out for yourself.

It is no secret that video marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy. It has grown in popularity over the past few years, and it doesn’t look like this is about to change on social media any time soon.  

Not sure how you can grow your YouTube subscribers? Want to know more about how to make videos that people are going to want to watch? Here is my guide for the tricky business of growing your firms YouTube subscribers.  

Always have a CTA  

Most of the YouTube videos you watch will have a similar ending, whereby the content creator will ask you to like and subscribe to their channel. Whilst you may think that you want to avoid being just like the rest of those out there on YouTube, this particular call to action has proven to be hugely valuable. So, make sure that you add this CTA to all your videos.  

Don’t forget your playlist  

When you log into YouTube, you will see that many channels have a video playlist. These playlists showcase the videos you have already created and give your viewers an easy way to watch more of what you have created. The main thing to make sure is that your playlist is put together in a way that ensures that your audience remains interested. You want to make sure that the videos are related and that the ones that had the best viewing rates are first. 

Remember keywords 

You might think that keywords are only something you need to think about when creating written content; however, this is not the case. Keywords are still crucial in video content, just on a much smaller scale. Rather than focusing on your content as a whole instead, you think about the description of your video, any tags you use and the titles of your videos too. That way, when someone searches for your particular keyword, they are going to find your video easily.  

Think about thumbnails  

When someone searches for your video, then the first thing they will see is your thumbnail. The thumbnail will be what convinces them to click through and learn more about what the video will say, which means that you need to think carefully about how your thumbnails look. People are naturally drawn to human faces, and they also want to follow up on a thumbnail that is high quality.  

YouTube might not always seem like it will be worthwhile doing for your law firm, but I can assure you that it is. They are not only a great way to share content, but they are also a fantastic way to ensure that there is a spot of personality added to your brand too. Something that guarantees that you appeal to your clients.  

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