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The rise of the fractional marketing director – what do and don’t they do?

It goes without saying that for many business owners, the end goal that they are focusing on is a successful business that has had the chance to grow. Whilst it may be something that you want to achieve (and something that you know how to do) the truth is that it is not exactly easy to reach your end goal.  

There are lots of hurdles that can find themselves on your path to success. This includes a lack of knowledge and what to do, as well as a lack of time to do the things that you need to do.   

It is this that brings people to make the decision to hire a fractional marketing director. But, what are they and what can they do to help you and your business?  

What is a fractional marketing director?  

A fractional marketing director (fMD) is a hired consultant marketing director. They will do the work that you can expect a regular employed fMD to do, but they are not directly employed by you as a business owner.  

They will work with several businesses just like you, as their client base, sharing out their time and finding out what support those businesses need to succeed.   

What do they do?  

As a fractional marketing director is not directly employed by you to do a “set role” the good news is that you can pretty much allocate any work that you need to do for your business (at least the work that relates to marketing), they can take on.   

Some of these will be tasks that you simply have not been able to find the time to do; or that you may have looked at, but realised that it is not something that you particularly know how to do.   

The more traditional tasks that a fractional marketing director will take on for you include:   
  • Gaining leads   
  • Creating and then maintaining any digital advertising that relates to your business  
  • Putting together a strategy for marketing your business  
  • Ensuring that any integration that relates to marketing is smooth  
  • Increase engagement   
  • Develop a detailed contact database  
  • Build and share reports that relate to marketing  
  • Work with several people to try to boost marketing   

All of these things can work really well alone but equally can come together to create a variety of opportunities that you are going to want for your business.   

A fMD is going to be able to help you to push your business forward and to reach any of those goals that you set out to achieve.   

What don’t they do? 

So, we know what a fractional marketing director will do for you, but what about what they won’t do? In the most part, a fMD will do lots of things that relate to the marketing of your business, however, they should be seen as an executive in their role. 

This means that they will oversee and manage the strategy as a whole, rather than getting on with some of the tasks that come with marketing your business.  

You will probably find that a fractional marketing director won’t: 
  • Upload blog posts that have been written 
  • Send emails out to your list 
  • Write emails  
  • Schedule the social media posts 
  • Redesign certain aspects of your landing pages 
  • Track your metrics for every single part of your marketing plan 

It is important to remember that a fractional marketing director is there to take care of the overall marketing of your business. If you want someone to do those key tasks, then you may need to hire someone else to take them on, leaving the overarching management of it to the fMD.  

Fractional marketing directors are not for everyone, but, if you are finding marketing your business hard and you want to make sure that you get where you want to be in the future, then they may be just what you need.  

They will dedicate themselves to marketing your business and assist you in overseeing and managing a marketing team. Allowing you to think about those all important goals that you want for your business in the future.  

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