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How interim marketing directors work with existing marketing teams

Whilst many of the businesses who hire an interim marketing director will do so because they are looking at building up their marketing strategy from nothing at all; this isn’t always the case.  

Businesses that already have a marketing strategy (and team in place) will hire many interim marketing directors. They may be looking for a fresh new start, a way to expand or perhaps just a kick-start to your marketing strategy and how it works for you.   

If you already have a marketing team within your business and you want to hire an interim marketing director, then here is how an interim marketing director will be able to work with an already existing marketing team.   

Interim marketing directors can perform an audit on your marketing strategy and plans   

You may think that you are already doing great work within your business when it comes to marketing. However, the main thing to remember is that you can always improve on what you do and make things easier and more effective for your business.   

This is where an interim marketing director can help. They can come into an existing marketing department and take a look at what you are currently trying out. They can perform an audit on the marketing department and your strategies.   

Within their audit they can identify which of the approaches you are trying are working and (perhaps more crucially) which are not working. The findings they discover can form a fantastic starting point for you to advance your business and market yourself.  

They can identify gaps  

As a part of their marketing audit, an interim marketing director can take a look at the efforts that you are currently making and identify whether or not any gaps need to be addressed.   

Not only can they identify these gaps, but they can then think about (and recommend of course) the ways that you can best fill these gaps.  

They can check your content  

The content that you create and share for your business can make or break your marketing efforts. Whilst you are an expert in your particular topic and niche, you may not be an expert in how to transport this knowledge into high-quality content.   

In comparison, an interim marketing director won’t know all about your business and what you do, but they will understand how you can best present yourself in your content. It is the perfect combination for you and your business.   

Interim marketing directors can train your marketing team  

As well as helping you in the here and now, an interim marketing director can also help your business in the future. They can offer training for your team, helping them to be able to make changes to the way that they work in the future.  

If you are worried about any gaps that your marketing team may have, then you can ask your interim marketing director to not only identify whether they agree with what you think and also recommend ways that you can help them to develop and grow.   

Interim marketing directors redefine any marketing goals that you may have   

Another way that interim marketing directors can help your existing marketing team is to help you to redefine and refresh any marketing goals that you may have already set out. They will take a look at what you currently are working towards and identify whether or not they are still appropriate and still relevant.   

If they are, then great, they can suggest the best ways to reach these goals. If not, then they can recommend some redefined marketing goals that you can then work towards.   

They can look at the budget  

Whilst we all want to put our best efforts into marketing our business, the truth is, for many of us, we are restricted by the budget that we have. You may think that you are already utilising your budget as best that you can, but this is not always the case and there may be much better ways to use your budget and still get the results (if not better) that you hope to achieve.   

Interim marketing directors understand how to make marketing work for you, which means that they can pinpoint certain methods and techniques that you can then use, saving yourself money and being able to achieve better results.   

They can help to launch a new campaign  

Another way that interim marketing directors can help is by launching a brand new campaign. They can help you to look at the ways that are going to work best for your new product or service when it comes to getting it out there to those who are going to want to buy it.   

Not only can they help with launching a new campaign, but if you have already tried to launch something and it did not work out, then they can help you to work out what you can do differently to get it to work in your favour.   

As you can see, hiring an interim marketing director can be hugely beneficial for your business. Why not try one out for yourself and see if it can help you drive your business forward and reach those long-term and shorter-term goals.   

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