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Taking the right steps to nurture your business

Marketing your business isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world, but it is an important thing. When you make the effort to market your business you are going to not only find new clients but also ensure that your previous ones are engaged too.  

If you want to become a master at marketing, then you need to take a look at some of the best things to do to make sure that it goes right for you. 

Always take the time to conduct market research 

You might think that market research is outdated, but in actual fact it is still something that you should be taking the time to do. Market research shows you where your strategy should be heading, what is working for you at the moment as a business and what are the next steps to take. Many people I talk to rush into their business idea without really understanding whether there is a need for it. Whatever you do don’t ask your friends and family, it’s going to be a subjective result! Speak to a marketing research professional who can arrange research on an objective level. If you don’t have the funds try going out to your relevant audiences in groups on FB or LinkedIn and ask for their opinion. Don’t just dive in without knowing what works and what doesn’t!

Know your target market 

You cannot market your business if you don’t understand who you are marketing to. This means that one important step of the marketing process is to know your target market. Figure out who you are trying to sell to; where they live, how old they are, what things they value and what they don’t. When you have this information then you can work out how best to speak to them.  How can what you offer help solve their problems?

Identify your USP 

Another important thing that your business needs to know is what makes it different to the rest. If you know what sets you apart then you can make sure that you sell this to them. Your USP could be a product, a service, a skill set or a specialist area. Whatever it is, you need to promote it in order to appeal. 

Have a strong brand for marketing

Once you know your audience and your own USP, then you can start to build a strong brand for your business. You can think about what is going to appeal best to your audience, what will resonate with them. The main thing to always have in mind is an emotional connection as this will be what makes your brand more appealing than others. My advice here is don’t go DIY and design your logo yourself. Invest in this part, work with a brand consultant or designer that can help you get the right design to appeal to your audience.

Think about the platforms you will use 

Marketing can be done through a variety of platforms and not every one will work for every business. It is important that you research into each and see whether or not it is going to offer exactly what you are looking for. If it does then try it, if not then move on. You should also make sure that you monitor those platforms and how they are working. They may have started off well, but with the change of your business they may change too. 

Never forget loyalty in your marketing

When thinking about marketing it can be all too easy to just think about the future and where you want to be. Not where you have come from. If you have customers who have been around for some time and have trusted in your business, then reward this loyalty. Customers will really value this.  

As you can see marketing doesn’t have to be a headache. Get to grips with marketing and we promise you that you will see your business go from strength to strength.  

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