Chillax; print is here to stay!

If there is one rumour that seems to be whizzing around the business rumour mill at the moment, it is that the world of print is on its way out. The digital world has brought many wonderful things to business, however, with mobiles and tablets taking over, old-fashioned approaches are left struggling against the current.

Or, so we thought. Although modern approaches are doing well, some older approaches are having a bit of a comeback, call it retro marketing. One of these is print.

Rather than resigning ourselves to a world without print. Here are our reasons why we believe print is back in town and here to stay.

Print materials are more than just about stimulating your sight

Whilst we all love our digital lives, one thing that many of us still do is grab a magazine or newspaper to read. Printed materials not only are a visual aid, but they are a physical aid too. There’s something wholly satisfying about picking up a catalogue and flicking through the pages, even if the products you are looking at can be seen online. I have recently decided to have a brochure created that I can hand out to people as a leave behind as well as a way of explaining my services visually. I find a lot more people engage with what I am saying when I am talking through something rather than just talking!

A mailshot can still have an impact

Sure, we all pop junk mail in our bin after it plops down on our doormat, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t look first. Mailshots of flyers or leaflets are not only cheap compared to other forms of marketing materials, but they can still have a pretty impressive impact too. After all, it is called direct mail for a reason, because it lands on your doormat and you have no choice but to pick it up and look at it, even if it ends up in the bin. You could even track it and measure the ROI by adding a code so that you know anyone stating the code has come across your flyer and that it has worked.

Your audience is committed to it

When you pick up a magazine or a newspaper then you want to try and read it with no distractions. This means for the companies who perhaps use it as a form of marketing, that they have your full attention.

Whereas on a phone you may click away before the message has been communicated. When a printed advert is looked at, the message is pretty clear.

As you can see, rather than disappearing away forever, print is sticking around. Not only does it work brilliantly on its own, but it is a great form of marketing to combine. Bringing together the new and the old world seamlessly. All to ensure that your business, brand and message gets itself out there as best it can.

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