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Helen Cox MarketingWhether you’re a small or large business or a professional service firm I thought I’d share some of my marketing tips with you. We’re all a little time, resource and budget poor and here are 3 key tools that I use that make mine and my client’s life a lot easier!

These marketing tips span the likes of digital marketing and design. They are all designed to help make your marketing more effective and hopefully a little less stressful.

Marketing Tip 1: MailChimp

Mailchimp is a great email marketing resource. It’s even better if you have 2,000 subscribers or less as then it’s absolutely free. I don’t have any html coding experience but it doesn’t matter with Mailchimp; all their templates are easy to use and design. They have numerous examples of email templates to get the creative juices flowing. If you’re struggling for inspiration they’ve got ideas in abundance.

It’s also really easy to upload target lists to your campaigns, one csv spreadsheet and you’re done. They have a great checklist right at the end when you are ready to send to make sure you’ve covered all the basics. This will make sure your email campaign is in tip top condition! It also has the ability to schedule a send too. I bizarrely find that Saturday mornings work quite well for emails. Happy chimping!

Marketing Tip 2: Buffer

Buffer is one of my favourite scheduling tools for social media and I suggest that all the clients that I work with purchase the subscription. Buffer’s awesome plan is $10 per month and allows you to hook up to 10 profiles and schedule up to 100 posts at one time. You can schedule in advance, share immediately and post across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ to name but a few!

They also have an awesome buffer plug in that you can add to your browser. This is a must to make things nice and quick. It makes your life so much easier. Land on a page, press the buffer icon and it pulls through the content for your social post, as well as the imagery. It really is that simple and means you don’t have to write your own content, Buffer does it all for you.

Marketing Tip 3: Canva

Canva is great if you’re not a designer. They have loads of different templates that you can use to create, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus posts as well as CVs, menus, posters and flyers.

I use it personally to create my social media postcards – they have so many unique and different designs. I tend to choose one and stick with a particular design for the month. You can also upload your own imagery so you can use it in the designs too. Don’t forget to bring your hex colours from your brand with you when you start using Canva.  It’s important to use your brand colours across all platforms.

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