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Keep your law firm fit as a fiddle and hire an interim marketing director!

Whilst there is always a need for law firms, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about marketing yourself to secure as many clients as possible. In fact, marketing a law firm is just as important as marketing any other type of business. One of the main issues with marketing is that if you are not an expert then it can be difficult to know when to start or even where to start.  

To help to keep your law firm as fit as a fiddle and to master the art of marketing, here are reasons to hire an interim marketing director.  

You don’t have time for marketing 

Marketing can be tricky to find time to do and more often than not it falls to the bottom of any to-do list. This is largely down to the fact that you will be focused on the tasks that actually relate to running your business not promoting it.  

Whilst this approach does of course make sense, and it is something that lots of businesses do themselves, it is not going to help to aid growth. If you don’t have time for marketing, then you are going to see your firm become stagnant and you won’t see the growth that you hope for or need.  

You don’t make time for marketing  

As well as not “having” time for marketing, another common problem with marketing and time is that you don’t make time for marketing. This is different to not having time, because when you don’t have time, you want to try but can’t seem to make it work.  

In comparison, when you don’t make time for marketing, this is because it is a task that you don’t want to do. Not only this, but if you don’t like the idea of marketing, then you are not going to make content that others will want to read, they will be able to tell that it is written by someone who doesn’t want to make the effort and they won’t enjoy reading it, or want to read it either.  

You’re not seeing the results that you want 

Sometimes you can put effort into marketing your law firm, but despite these efforts, you won’t be getting the results that you want to see or hope for, for your efforts. The main reason for this is not that you’re not putting the effort in, but that you’re not taking the right approach or doing the right things to market your law firm.  

Having an interim marketing director as a part of your team will help you to ensure that the efforts that you are putting into marketing are actually bringing in the results that you want to see.  

You do not have the right skills for the job 

Having a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers is important to ensure that your law firm runs just as it should. After all, your clients will want to know that the advice and guidance that they are getting is going to be right.  

Whilst they may know their stuff when it comes to the different aspects of law, they may not have the same level of understanding when it comes to marketing. This is where an interim marketing director can be helpful.  

Their expertise is not law, they understand marketing, which means that together with you, they can help to really push your law firm forward.  

You can’t hire a full marketing team in your law firm

For many law firms the ideal situation would be to be able to hire an entire marketing team to work on their marketing needs. However, this can be costly to do and budget wise, it might not always be possible. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your marketing vision completely. What you can do instead is to hire an interim marketing director. They do come at a cost, however this cost is minimal compared to having a whole marketing team work for your law firm. 

Not only this, but they bring with them the right expertise that can make it seem that they have a full team behind them.  

You don’t see the leads for your law firm  

Leads are a great way to develop your business, however they are not always the easiest to get. Marketing can really help you to get the best quality leads possible, however, it needs to be high quality in order to see the results that you hope for. 

The best way to produce better quality (as well as quantity) leads is to have the right marketing approach, not knowing how to do this is the first hurdle for law firms. However, an interim marketing director is a great way to increase leads.  

As you can see, hiring an interim marketing director can be a great addition to your law firm. They can help you to grow, to expand and to make a success of yourself. Exactly the future goals that you are going to hope for. 

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