Enhance Landing Pages

Helen Cox MarketingIt is all very well and good directing people to your website, but if they get there and don’t like what they see, or find what they want, then they are not going to stick around. This is where landing pages become extra important.

As the name suggests, a landing page is a part of your website that someone ‘lands’ on from another source such as social media, email marketing or PPC for example.

It is their first impression and it really needs to be on point if you want to secure conversions, especially if you are running a marketing campaign.

So, what can you do to improve your landing page? Let me run through some of my top tips for making sure that you are drawing in enough traffic and keeping people around!

Make your landing pages mobile optimised

In this modern world, there really is no excuse not to pay attention to your mobile visitors. In fact, you may be surprised that at least half of your traffic will come from a mobile device. This means that in order to successfully target these people, you need to make sure that your landing pages are mobile optimised. Otherwise, they could end up moving on to a website that is able to work with their needs.

Try not to ask for too much information

We all know that obtaining visitors data is a great way to build a database, but if you ask for too much information right from the start, then you may find that you put them off.

Instead, keep the information requests simple and basic, just an email address and a name will do, and you will get everything that you need, but don’t have to worry about putting them off with lengthy and time-consuming forms when they are trying to download your content or offers.

Inject some media

Whilst content is king, visual media is definitely something that you need to keep in mind. Popping some videos and images onto your landing page is definitely going to keep it more eye catching. You only have a short period of time to make sure people don’t move on and away from your landing page, so make it impactful.

Showcase some testimonials

Hopefully, you will have plenty of happy customers that have bought your service or product. If you have, and you have received feedback from them, then why not display this on your landing page. It looks great and is a form of social proof.  Make sure that those potential customers are impressed by what you can offer them through your services or products.

You can make sure that you bring traffic in with SEO and advertising, but to turn these visitors into conversions, you need to have a killer landing page. Check out this blog from HubSpot looking at some of the best landing page examples.

Why not try out these top tips and see if you can improve your landing pages and get your business closer to the success that you crave?

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