Don’t forget your SEO – a polite reminder

Don’t forget your SEO – a polite reminder

Hi everyone. And welcome to my video series. Today I wanted to talk to you about search engine optimisation and a revelation that I had with a keyword recently. 

I’ve been doing a number of marketing plans for my clients. And every time I do a marketing plan, I ask for access to the website. So I’ve gone in, I’ve had a look and their SEO hasn’t been done and they’ve had their website running for years. 

Don’t forget to check your SEO

This video is supposed to be a little bit of a polite reminder or nudge or whatever it is to make sure that you check that your search engine optimisation has been completed on your website. Please do this because otherwise you are missing out on opportunities to be found. There are lots of people that can help you, but I don’t genuinely think that this is a dark art and it can be done yourself. Take a look at Hubspots excellent beginners guide.

There are some great blogs. In fact, I’ve got a number of blogs on my website talking about such engine optimisation and how to do it. I don’t think there’s any excuse not to spend a couple of hours on your website however I know it can be boring. 

Missed Opportunities

I know it’s not client work, but you are missing out on an opportunity. Make sure you understand, what page titles are and what page descriptions are and make sure that you are optimising them as well as giving your images names and making sure that they have ALT TEXT assigned to them. 

Useful Resources

Here are some helpful blog links to my SEO Posts that can help you get started:

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The other area that I really wanted to quickly talk to you about was keywords. 

There’s some great free tools that you can use. I use a plugin called keywords everywhere on Google Chrome and find that very useful. Uber suggest is another place that you can go and find keywords of your website. 

But the other day I was approached by three separate new clients. And they all used the word fractional marketing director. I’ve been in business for six years, never come across that in my entire life. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is now I’ve gone. Okay. Well, people are calling it a fractional marketing director. So I went to have a look. I can see that their search is going on for that particular keyword. And now I’m going to try and see if I can integrate that keyword into my site in a subtle way to come up for those searches. 

Never assume that you know, all your keywords, people just come up with things and you’re like, oh, what’s that about? And I think it might be worthwhile asking your clients, your contacts to say, if you were looking for someone with this kind of service, what kind of keywords would you search for? 

Because honestly I’d never come across that before. And I thought, Hmm. You know, we can’t always assume that we know what people are searching for!

Need help?

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