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Developing your consultancy firm’s USP 

Alongside creating a solid marketing plan for your consultancy firm, you must consider your USP. Your USP will set you apart from other consultancy firms that may offer a very similar (if not the same) service.   

It may seem easy to think about what makes you different, but it can be much harder than you realise.  

To help you to position yourself as an industry leader (and secure all those potential clients in the future), I have put together my top tips on developing your consultancy firm’s USP.   

Ask yourself, “what makes us different?”   

One main thing to consider is what makes you different from the other consultancy firms around you. These are your key unique selling points and are something that you need to highlight and work with.   

Ask yourself whether you are more responsive when communicating with your clients or if you have a particular niche area in which you are more knowledgeable than others.   

Once you have these pinpointed, you will be able to work on putting together your USP strategy plan.   

Consider your strengths as part of your USP  

Along with thinking about what makes you different as a consultancy firm, you also want to consider your strengths. You will be able to do these well for your clients and, therefore, should be something that you highlight and ensure that they understand.   

Not only this, but when considering your strengths, you can also think about your weaknesses (although don’t shout too loudly about those, of course). When you know what areas you might not be as strong as those around you, you can think about how to improve them.   

That way, in the future, they can be transformed into strengths, and you can start thinking about ways to promote those alongside all the other great things you can do.   

Always get to know your competition  

The first step is to understand what you can offer; the next step is to think about what those around you can do too. This particular step often goes with thinking about what makes you different from those other consultancy firms around you.   

You want to consider what your competition offers; that way, you can ensure you stand out against them. Not only this, but it will help you to pinpoint what you do differently and whether this is the better way of doing this.   

Knowing your competition helps you identify any areas that you may need to improve and find out what services they offer that are additional to you and work on them for yourself.  

Find your voice and shout loudly about your USP  

Once you have followed all of these top tips, you should be one step closer to creating your positioning statement (and then using it to your advantage). The main thing to remember is that you are on a quest to find your consultancy firm’s voice in how you want to communicate with those clients around you, both existing and potential.   

When you have found your voice, then comes the time to try and use it. Shout out as loud as you can about what makes you different, and show those you are trying to appeal to why they should choose you over the others out there.   

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