Unearthing your personal brand

Unearthing your personal brand

Helen CoxChances are, when you think about the term branding, you are going to instantly see businesses. It is true that their logo, their colour scheme, their name and their marketing slogans are all a key part of branding. But, what you may not know is that branding can also be a much more personal thing.  

When you are an entrepreneur, your brand is essentially you, which means that you need to focus on how to make sure that your personal brand presents your business in the right way. So, how do you do this? How do you make sure that you are the perfect face for your business? 

Always know yourself 

One of the first things to do is make sure that you can identify the key elements of what makes you, well you. You need to know what your goals are, what your objectives are and what makes you different to others out there. Once you know what sets you apart from the rest, then wear that badge proudly. Don’t be afraid to share with others who you are and what you can do, as you always want them to have your name in mind when it comes to the service or product that you offer.  

Be consistent with your personal brand 

Consistency is a key part of any branding experience. You are going to want to make sure that when someone sees your imagery, your colour scheme or reads one of your social media posts; that they know that it is you. Having this clear communication and tone of voice is what is going to make sure that your audience know when you are talking over when it is your competitors.

Social media is another area that needs to have a consistent voice. No matter which platform you are using, having the same voice is going to make sure that your brand is recognised by your audience.  

Don’t be afraid to use video and images 

We are visual creatures, which means that we respond well to both videos and images. Video not only helps to bring a message alive, but it also instils a feeling of trust and value in what you can do for them. Posting both video and images will show that you are a real person and will give you a personality too. If you do decide to use videos and images for your content; then it is a good idea to still try to keep it in keeping with the branding that you are trying to create.  

Personal branding may be different from corporate branding in some ways, but the basics of it are still much the same. Once you recognise that you, yourself, are your brand, then you can start to build on that and really get yourself out there in the world.   

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