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Decoding Growth: Why Your Tech Firm Needs a Fractional Marketing Director 

When it comes to attracting new clients to your tech firm, you are going to need to make sure that you make an effort on the marketing front. Whilst you can try and master marketing on your own, to make sure that it works for you, you are going to need to think about having an expert on board to take the lead.   

This is where a fractional marketing director can help. But, much like many things that can come with owning and running any kind of firm or business, you are going to need to budget for this service. When money is something that you may be trying to control, you may be left wondering whether or not a fractional marketing director is going to be the right choice for your tech firm.   

Here are some of the reasons why I believe that this is the case and why you should be investing in this service.   

They are flexible  

When you decide to utilise the service of a fractional marketing director, you are only going to need them as and when you need them. If you compare this to an employed marketing director, who you have to pay all the time, whether or not they are doing work for you, you can see that it is a much more flexible approach.  

Not only does this save you money during the initial stages of setting up, growing and marketing your tech firm, but, when things start to go right for you, which over time they will, then you can grow and expand what the fractional marketing director does for you.  

They give you a strategic and thought-out approach  

One thing to remember about marketing is that it is not just a randomised approach. For marketing to work just as you want it to, you are going to need to take a strategic and thought-out approach instead.   

This is something that a Fractional Marketing Director can help you with. They are professionals who are going to be able to use their expertise to create a marketing strategy that is well thought out, strategic and comprehensive.   

They will ensure that you have the right level of guidance and insights when it comes to making marketing decisions and will be able to identify all of the relevant opportunities that you will want for growth, all within your budget of course.   

A fractional marketing director can oversee the process  

Whilst a fractional marketing director will be able to formulate the ideas that you can put in place, they can also make sure that these ideas pan out. They are there to oversee the process and assist each department or individual involved in marketing your firm.

Not only this, but they are also able to seamlessly integrate and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, ensuring that they are given the relevant guidance and training to have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.   

They are experts in what they do  

One of the main reasons that you would want to hire a fractional marketing director is because they know what they are doing. They have expertise in marketing that is going to prove to be hugely beneficial to whatever it is that you want to do in the future.  

Best of all, when you compare their costs to the costs of having someone who is as equally as qualified, but who works full time, you will see that they are a much more cost-effective idea.   

They have new ideas and a fresh perspective  

Another great thing that fractional marketing directors can do for you, is offer a fresh perspective into your tech firm and what you may already be doing to market yourself. They will have the ability to examine what you currently have in place and determine whether or not there are any improvements to make.  

There is going to be a good chance that the ideas that they have are going to be fresh, new and innovative and may not be things that you have already thought of. Not only this, but they may also be different from what your competitors may be trying, which will help you to stand out from the crowd.   

A fractional marketing director can pass on their knowledge  

One final way that a fractional marketing director can help is because they ensure that they find ways to train and mentor those who are already a part of your tech firm. They will provide them with the relevant skills and knowledge which can help them, not only at present, with the efforts that they are currently making, but also in the future.   

This expert training can be hugely beneficial for your tech firm and can make a difference in what you can achieve in the future.   

As you can see, there are lots of things that a fractional marketing director can bring to your tech firm. The best way to find out what they can do for you is to try one out for yourself and see the amazing benefits that they can bring.    

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