My blogging brings all the ducks to the yard

My blogging brings all the ducks to the yard


Blogging is becoming a huge part of digital marketing campaigns for business. However, one thing that many customers are starting to grow weary of is bad blog posts. So, how can you make sure that your blog posts are perfect? Here are some top tips to make the perfect blog post for your business. 

Make sure that you highlight the benefit of what you can offer

Of course, the main aim of any blog is to be informative and to contain a good level of content, however, it should also make sure that you promote your service or products. You can do this by highlighting the benefits of what you can do however, you need to try and do this in a subtle way, rather than being a blatant promotional piece sounding off about how awesome you are. 

Tell a story with your blogging

Whilst it may not be a work of fiction, a blog post should still be able to tell a story. Not only will this help create a sense of emotion, which can help it appeal to your target audience. But it can also help with the above point, which will ensure that you can promote what you offer, by putting your customer as a part of the story, appealing to their emotional side.  The other day I had one of my lovely clients saying she was struggling for inspiration for her blogs – I told her to tell me about your clients, some of the problems they have been facing and how you fixed them – let’s turn these things into a case study.

Share some history

Another great topic to base a blog post for your business on is a bit of history about your brand, or perhaps a different insight into the people who make sure that the cogs turn within your business too. Not only does this mix up the topics that you can post, but it is also an incredibly easy way to engage with and showcase a touch of your personality too. 

Tailor your tone to your customers

Whilst some companies may need to create blogs that are formal and full of facts, there are also some companies that can benefit from a much more conversational approach too. After all, we should always make sure that we communicate with our target audience. Otherwise, there is no chance that we are going to get the results that we hope for. I say write like you are having a chat with someone!

Always include a call to action in your blog

If you are putting together blogs for your business, then you better get used to the idea of calls to action. These are the conclusions to your blog post and help to make sure that your customers know exactly what is expected of them, or what they need to do next. This could be getting in touch with you to learn more, visiting your website, or perhaps following you on social media. 

As you can see, there is plenty to think about when it comes to making a blog for your business, so sit down and take the time to think up some topics, in no time at all, you should have some great blog posts to share for your business.

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