Blowing your B2B content marketing cobwebs away

Blowing your B2B content marketing cobwebs away

The thing about content marketing is it can be hard to get right. However, when you find the right approach, it can work really well for your business. It doesn’t matter if you are marketing to the general public or other businesses.

In order to get content marketing right, it is a good idea to learn more about where it can go wrong. Which is why I have put together some of the most common places that content marketing can fall apart and have an impact on the results that it delivers for your business.

You are not treating content marketing with enough respect

It is no secret that many B2B companies simply do not treat content marketing with enough respect. They write up a blog and put it on their website. Then they send out an email that is designed to generate leads and the two never meet. The thing about content marketing is that you should really think about how you can make it work for your business. Give it the respect that it deserves and it will pay you back in the long-run. Think about themes that you can use over a longer period of time. Also, how you might be able to pull into multiple service areas to promote the fuller offering you have rather than ad hoc pieces here and there.

There are too many lead forms

When it comes to marketing the thing that you are going to find that you end up focusing on is getting leads. However, whilst this will help your business it is going to be an entirely short-sighted goal. This means that you may take the time to create a beautiful blog post. Post it online. And then panic that you are not getting enough leads. So, you then overstuff your website with lead forms. People get bored and can’t be bothered to fill them in. It becomes too much. Of course, there is plenty of pressure to get leads for your business, and for good reason. But this should never be at the detriment of long-term benefits to your business. You should only put lead forms on your hottest content.

You’re not utilising all your marketing channels.

I am absolutely rubbish at this. I’ve experienced this many times whilst working both in the corporate world and also working for myself.

You can have the best content in the world but if you don’t have a plan on how to get it out there then it’s just a wasted effort. Before you produce any content think of your campaign plan. Where will it go, LinkedIn, Insta, Email Marketing, your website – make sure you cover all the bases and you know where it’s going to go before you even produce it. Believe me, the number of people I talk to that don’t have a plan!

So, there you have it, three things you need to think about when creating B2B content!

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